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Nothing makes a cryptoguppie like me as upset and pissed off as throwing $87 out the window because of a careless transaction. It might even be enough for you to go out and drink beer excessively, smoke a lot of pot, or even call your mother crying.

I actually don't recommend any of those solutions.

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What I do recommend, is that you keep reading to learn a little bit more about the careless mistake I made, and how you can avoid doing the same thing.

Careless Mistakes While Handling Cryptos

To be fair, handling cryptos is not easy. There are very few systems which the average beginner will find intuitive, straightforward or, God help us, easy. In fact, the easier they are, the more I worry. Which is what happened when I was trying to withdraw some money onto my Trezor One hardware wallet.

First, I want to say unabashedly, that my mother is a genius. And like the wise old woman she is, are many nagging bits of wisdom which I reluctantly listened to, then earned money from them. (edit: my mom wanted to specify that "old" doesn't exist until she reaches 100.)

One of those tidbits, has been my journey into the world of Cryptos via, In fact, I grudgingly put my toe in the pond with this platform back in 2017. Fast forward to March of 2020 and I am faced with the COVID crisis, stuck at home, and with almost nothing else working out for me. And that is when I got a bit more serious about cryptos.

Now, here I am in 2021 a legit Steemian with a tiny bit of platform influence, a small audience, and almost $1,000 USD in Cryptocurrency. It was NOT easy, but most things worth doing aren't.

To be fair, I have done pretty good this whole time at being careful with my transfers and withdrawals. But, there is a first for everything. And today was my first time of being so absolutely careless with a crypto transfer.

What Actually Happened

So, I wanted to transfer $87 dollars in BITCOIN (BTC) from Kraken, to my Trezor One hardware wallet.

Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 1.57.41 PM.png

What actually happened, was that I somehow picked up MOVE TO OTHER, what the hell was that shit?

I don't even know what that address leads to.

And, without realizing it, I zoomed through the transaction, confirmed the whatevery in my email, and boom! Done!

It was only hours later, when I realized that I confirmed, sent, and pissed that $87 out the window and off to the great beyond, that I had totally been hooked into the wrong address.

Lesson learned.

  1. Check the address.

  2. Re-check the address.

  3. When the confirmation email arrives, METICULOUSLY check the address.

THEN, confirm.

On the upside, I doubt I will make the same mistake twice.

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Erin Donaldson is an American writer who many years ago lost her mind and moved to Colombia. Or maybe not! Actually, she lives quite happily with her mother, son (who was born in Colombia), and a wonderful dog named Rocky B (for Balboa). If you cracked a smile, reminded yourself to not be an idiot, or at the very least felt amused reading this, please upvote, resteem, and ask all your friends to do the same so she can earn back that $87 and be a bit smarter next time!


Hello @openmindedtravel, I am sorry to hear that this has happened, I think that sometimes we act very quickly or so automatically that we do not verify what we do.

I hope you get back what you have lost soon.

I send you a big hug from Venezuela.

So true. That moment where we feel too confident and move fast. So, yeah, I think I learned my lesson. Big hug from Colombia!

See you soon friend..!

Stay safe.


I always try with a small amount first, then I send the next amount.

It actually crossed my mind quite plainly to do that - but I thought "nah, I got this!"
It was definitely, a "hold my beer" type of moment. Next time I will go by the book.

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