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As we hover on the edge of the paro nacional, tomorrow April 28th, there are a few conclusions to be drawn from everything I am seeing. I think Colombia is in BIG trouble.


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At risk of damaging my immigration status, I can't help but express my frustration at everything I am seeing. My own country (USA), is obviously much weaker having come from the Millennial Generation of peace-time procreation. But, what freaks me out, is that the people who weathered the Colombian Civil War, don't have the stomach for another one.

Of course, I understand that this is a culture that has been traumatized into obedience. There is a feeling of "keep your head down and nothing bad will happen," which is embedded in popular culture. They are also distracted by football, reggaeton music, and easy sex. Most men I know are too busy looking for a piece of ass to stand up and do what they must.

Those of us who are awake are stuck between keeping ourselves invisible, and engaging in civil disobedience. We must constantly decide between making a "show," or quiet subversion.

Today, I hit my limit and started eliminating MEOW men, and virtue signalers from my Facebook. I was going to leave Facebook completely, but so many people love my regular content, which is tourism/lifestyle/gastronomy - that they begged me to stay.

The next few days will be telling for the Republic of Colombia. Where do we go from here if mass protests do not succeed in stopping the heavy tax reforms which are going to make life much more difficult?

Will Colombians have the stomach for mass displays of civil disobedience, or will fear keep them hiding in their homes and businesses trying to keep their heads down?

Sadly, this isn't a phenomenon isolated only to Colombia. I think countries around the world are facing the same issue. Some have succeeded with mass demonstrations, in gaining bits of freedom.

Those of us who are writing on Steemit, in general, are looking for a censorship-free platform to share our thoughts and ideas with a public which swings more towards anarchy and less towards statism.

Ironically, the owner of STEEM/TRON, is Chinese - a member of the most oppressive culture on earth towards its own people. I don't know if this is bad or good. Maybe he loves freedom and has no hidden agenda. If so, I welcome him and would support his efforts.

In the end, there is no longer anyone else left to fight for us. We are all the creators of our own reality, future and liberty. The mass awakening is about leaving FIAT currencies, understanding the nuances of crypto (and which ones are not truly decentralized), and putting up our own bit of resistance to the things which limit not only our future, but the futures of our children.

How to Civil Disobedience

Civil Disobedience can be engaged via the following:

  • Open regardless of lockdown orders
  • Study your current citizenship status to find loopholes to exploit
  • Vote with your feet. Go to places which are more free.
  • Stop buying from big corporations and supporting main stream news/social media
  • Reject Bill Gates Shot in the arm. The same guy who invented and found the solution to the computer virus should not be trusted.
  • Help people who are actively resisting. Purchase directly from neighbors, farmers, and local storekeepers
  • Stop paying taxes
  • Don't use industrial health systems, or their phony medications. Learn about natural health.
  • Go out on the day that you DON'T have Pico y Cedula - shop at stores which aren't checking your ID.
  • Thank local storekeepers for respecting your personal decisions on whether to wear the mask or not.
  • Stop wearing the mask, it doesn't do anything anyway.
  • Leave your church if they are under the state via tax exemptions
  • Stop listening to Church leaders who tell you to obey the government
  • Take your children out of Government schools
  • Start reading and studying self-sufficiency
  • Stop using FIAT currency and start putting together barter/trade/crypto payment systems

It scares me to write this, but it scares me more to wake up in a future that resembles V for Vendetta. Our vendetta must begin today, or we will have no tomorrow.

I wrote this for Colombia, but it applies to almost every country in the world where we are suffering from a totalitarian push for control over our lives, our money, and our personal decisions.

What will you do? Leave a comment below!


Hello @openmindedtravel, I'm glad to see you again writing on Steemit, your post today is raw and sensitive at the same time.
Colombia is certainly not at its best right now, and the possibility of a civil war makes things worse, right at a time when chaos took hold of the world and it could be an excuse to impose "crazy" measures in any country due to the mobility restrictions due to the pandemic.

Hello! Yes, I am back - and plan to be here consistently (queriendo DIOS), to write and continue the journey. Especially now with more shut-downs looming, I am trying to keep multiple irons in the fire.

I like to hear that, see you then

 last year 

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