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21 Colombian Coffee Axis Destinations for 2021, is the definitive guide to the places we think are going to be the MOST unique and interesting opportunities for visitors to Colombia. These are places that don’t have large crowds, too many foreign visitors, but healthy lifestyles!

The Official List

It is our mission to always break away from what is common, well-traveled and routine. We search for places that will make visitors, once they have the correct information say, WOW! These are places which have TONS of touristic potential but aren't slammed with visitors yet.

We believe strongly in supporting local guides, artisans, products and services. Whenever possible, we will create local alliances with people who will receive you with love and generosity.

  • Quinchia, Risaralda - Featured in previous destination lists, we still think this pueblo is only just beginning to show its potential. These are old lands that have belonged to indigenous tribes since pre-Colombian times. Portals, giants and strange energies live here.
  • Apia, Risaralda - The heart of the wind, Apia is like the Salento of Risaralda because of the colonial wood architecture, the incredible quality of their coffee, easy to access hiking trails, and paragliding. Read more about Apia Here: Destination Guide
  • Mistrato, Risaralda - A mysterious destination that travelers talk about in whispers. The birds, waterfalls and indigenous cultures are part of what characterizes this forgotten treasure. Great for hiking, eating trout at a fish farm, birdwatching, camping, and spending time in the town drinking coffee and eating local foods.

Culture Tip: It is better to drink a coffee, juice or aromatica, when someone in a small town invites you, than to say no and hurt their feelings. People of the 21 Colombian Coffee Axis Destinations are simple yet sensitive in their desire to please visitors. Besides, you might discover some interesting stories which you wouldn't have heard anywhere else.

  • Aguadas, Caldas - Legends of Los Putas de Aguadas have nothing to do with the traditional meaning of the word "puta," and everything to do with the concept of a manly man with machete and carriel, wearing a sombrero made by his wife, sister, or mother.
  • Salamina, Caldas - Known as the Ciudad Luz, or Light City of the coffee axis, it is the site of the most beautiful and elegant wood architecture of Caldas. Learn about the magic of the wood carvers, the legacy of the mule teamsters and the history of the freemasons and educated gentry who settled it. Read more about Salamina here: Destination Guide
  • Aranzazu, Caldas - A pueblo characterized by horse lovers, blackberry wine, waterfalls everywhere, cabuya, and fresh trout! Especially if you like to get out in nature, then this is definitely the kind of place to get out in the country and capture incredible scenery. Read more about Aranzazu Here: Destination Guide

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Crap - I did it again, posted it here on accident @crypto.piotr - Sorry! I really am trying to get going again, but couldn't figure out where to make sure I didn't post it to a community inadvertently.

El eje cafetero de Colombia es una zona bastante linda. Tuve la oportunidad de visitar Pereira en el año 2018. Muy bonita ciudad.

Ay, que bueno - me alegre mucho saber que conoces lo mejor parte del país que tiene mi corazón! A la próxima tomamos un buen cafe!

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