The Purpose of Friendship is Support: Find Friends that Support your Dream.

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As a small start-up owner trust me when I say it is not easy to find people to love your business ideas but the first set of people that should encourage your dream should be your friends and families, but as much as it sounds like some sort of standard rule that needs to be followed it does not always happen that way, I told you previously about how my Dad does not like the fact that I choose business over working in a bank or an oil company.

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Truth is, when I first started I had really high hopes for the business I did not carry out a proper survey but I felt the environment lacked what I was going to offer and I was definitely going to have the right market for it but unfortunately it did not work out as planned and it was the most discouraging business setting ever at the beginning. Some of my friends who lived in the same area where my business is located and who encouraged it initially never came around for one day to support, I will see them going to a long distance to get their groceries instead of coming to me and I thought I was doing something wrong until I realized it was just a venture not to support me.

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Today, I realized how relevant it is to have people who support your dream as a small start-up, I have my siblings who do not have the financial power to support me by buying but they surely re-post the pictures of my items on their wallpaper and they are my best marketers as they tell their friends to come and buy from me. However some old time friends came to visit today and immediately I told them of the things I was selling, it was very obvious that it was not needed because they already ha but they still got to encourage me, I was highly excited about the fact that they patronized me.

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If your friends are not willing to help you grow then there is no point in calling each other friends in the first place, one major goal of friendship is to make sure that you all succeed together, so if your friends are not willing to support your progress, it is time to change your circle of friends. Since I started this business, I know those who should be regarded as friends and those who should not, but I do not fight with any of them I only know my priorities better.

Hope you are doing well friends? Please try to always remain happy all the time, I am @oluwatobiloba.


I believe that friendship is the fundamental basis for human relations, it is also necessary to take this into account for personal development, since with good friends we will have the possibility of growth in all areas, greetings and thanks for this valuable contribution.

Thanks a lot for stopping by dear @carlos84

Hello @oluwatobiloba
Friends, not many people really want to be supportive. It's a point that has to be taken into account, it's good to know that in spite of the situation you keep your business, that speaks of a warrior woman, I think that for many it would be very easy to decline.
I assume you'll be learning a lot in this whole reality.
Real friends are not many, I think. But counting on friends and family when you start something is always very helpful.

Real friends are truly difficult to come by seriously but we should value those who support us all the time

Hello @oluwatobiloba, good publication.
To have people who offer you their friendship is to be lucky. Although there are really very few who are willing to offer it. Personally, I start from the saying: "There is only one friend". A true friend is there whenever you need one, for better or for worse, to support you if you are doing well and to correct you if you are doing badly.

You are right, true friends do not disappear whenever there is an issue, they stay through thick and thin.

Good friendships can help you celebrate good times and provide support when you need it most. They help you and increase your sense of belonging and purpose;
about the goals to reach and increase our happiness, although we must keep in mind that all those who say they are friends are in a positive way also are in a negative way that instead of motivating you do the opposite, we can find that also friendship remains the fundamental pillar. Greetings friend @oluwatobiloba

I greatly appreciate your comment dear @sandracarrascal

Hello @oluwatobiloba, I agree with you when you say that the main goal of friendship is to make sure that everyone succeeds together, of course as long as they share the same interests.

But I also believe that friends should be the source of motivation that we should have when undertaking any activity.

So long friend, good article

The value of friendship indeed lies in their ability bro motivate each other even during difficult moments, thanks a lot for reading.

Friendship is extremely important in our lives, I believe that after the love of our parents our friends are extremely relevant in our lives. As you say, friends are there to support each other or to tell you to your face if you are on the right track or not, they don't necessarily have to agree with you but they must be sincere and support you despite thinking differently.

Support from friends provides solid courage thanks for reading.

"If your friends are not willing to help you grow then there is no point in calling each other friends in the first place, one major goal of friendship is to make sure that you all succeed together" you are right friend. That is when proper and careful selection of friends comes in
We should learn to pick friends who will be helpful for us in our life journey instead of be destructive

Thanks a lot for reading friend.

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