Heathy Decisions That Guarantee’s Success

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There is no doubt that it is not easy to achieve success even if it is a thing that is seriously desired and greatly anticipated, walking on the path to success involves certain risks, decisions to let go of certain things and the decision to embrace certain things. Walking in the path of success is going to require some of the decisions I will be talking about in the post below:


A decision to exit comfort zones.

A comfort zone is a convenient region where enjoyment and relaxation stays but growth never happens, anyone who is serious about the achievement of success will need to get out of places where extra convenience resides and move towards a path that might be difficult but certainly rewarding.

Stay out of unhealthy relationships.

Ending a relationship with someone that you love might be a difficult thing to do, the heart feels love and it might be difficult to let go of those that we love but surely anyone who desires to grow must learn how to stay out of relationships that do not foster growth in any way, this might be difficult to do but certainly not impossible it is a sacrifice that must be made at all time.

Take only calculated risks.

There are some risks that are point black just stupid decisions, any risk that will produce a good decision must be properly calculated. It is wrong to take risks just because others are also taking risk, check out your own plan and be sure that you have something to fall back on just in case it does not work out as planned.

Make it a hobby to try out new things.

Trying out new things will expose our minds to different possibilities that are exciting and rewarding, the success story of great historians we hear are people who decided to break out of the norm and did something differently from others, if success is desired we surely have to try out something unusual also.

Be responsible for your actions.

Regularly trying to look for a person to blame for your misdeeds will not do you well on the path to success, it is not a sign of growth for you to constantly push blames on others. Take full responsibility for your action and be sure to work on improving it because it really creates a path to success.

Be confident enough to speak.

Always being afraid of people’s reaction after you speak will make you remain blind to opportunities that may surface, opportunities come and go but a bold and confident person is needed to take advantage of the opportunities that arise from this opportunities.


Salient points you raised there for life success. Points three and five are awesome:

Take only calculated risks.
Be responsible for your actions.

These two hovers around taking responsibility. He who makes excuses for everything is far from success.

Greetings friend, excellent advice, being able to leave the comfort zone, is one of the challenges that people have to achieve success.

See you later, have an excellent weekend! 🤝

It is true that people really have the habit of taking random risks just because their friends or colleagues are taking the same risk without even thinking about the possible consequences.