Reality or manipulation

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It seems a lie but we will never know if our reality will be absolute that is why justice is blind, but the reality is that there will always be the doubt that if the information from the media, television, the press, the government and the state have always manipulated it With an interest, I have always said with logic a lie told a thousand times becomes true from a denial, goods by the means that promote it, it is for this reason, friend reader, to go deeper into this philosophy a manipulation is based on manipulation It occurs when an individual or group of individuals takes control of the behavior of a person or a group, using techniques of persuasion or mental suggestion, since the internet is not a technology, it is a way of organizing and distributing information, That is why the influence and power exercised by the media is undeniable; and there is no doubt also that many use precisely that power as a means of transmitting their ideas. The fundamental role of the manipulation of information is a reflection of the state policy, the economy, democracy, it is a stimulus that moves the communication companies, in addition, it greatly influences the information.

Dear reader, let's just think another side of the manipulation in the outcome of a war depends, among other factors, on citizen perceptions of the conflict, this a strategy that appeals to the parts of the brain most related to the limbic system and the emotional memory and that it has a powerful effect on the behavior of others for those who do not know this part, one also wonders how they do it, making it clear that the use of techniques such as decontextualization, generalization or disorganization of the content is in order of the day, beyond a blind justice, we can be easily manipulated by images on a subconscious level without realizing it, for many rulers to control a society it isolates it from all information of reality, it only supplies pure propaganda to the point of manipulating their lifestyle, in the case of those countries that are at war, they manipulate information to become stronger s and hides his weaknesses in the search for a culprit and his victim.



It is known that the means are generally used to create certain trends and opinion matrices which are generally orchestrated by who have the power and ambitions of own more

Greetings friend @newton666, there are different tactics or ways to manipulate either for a particular person or a whole society, very important are the means used for this purpose as this will facilitate the objective set, especially as you express who manipulates generally to hide their weaknesses or take advantage of certain situations that at a given time does not favor them.