12 tools to use for your content growth on Steemit

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Steemit is a social media and blogging platform, the blogging platform has changed, thanks to Steemit, new publishers keep signing up everyday on the platform, you need to know tools to make you get started and rise to the top on Steemit.

I want to list tools that can get you started on Steemit, on this list you can find a perfect tools to use, either when posting maybe videos, music, and articles.

I have tried most of this tools and they are amazing, most are connected to Steemit, and they are good choices to use.

Articles, tools

The platform has already provide an editor at the top right, the editor auto saves you text whenever you type.

  • Viper

A new web application was created, in January 2018. An app written in Javascript and runs in the browser which enables the user to create and consume digital contents like videos, sounds, blog posts and online courses, there are free educational information, for articles blog posts that can be of help on Viper.Network.

  • eSteem application is good for posting articles on Steemit, it is easy to use, it has good navigations at the bottom of the editor, you can get your eSteem app on Google play store.

Video, audio posting tools on Steemit

  • d. Tube is a tool for posting videos on Steemit, this is an application writing in javascript and allows you to upload videos and earn on Steemit, d.Tube is familiar to YouTube.

  • Drugwars is an interesting website on which also allows you to earn while playing games with your friends you can visit. Its another way to earn steem token by winning competition and challenges.

  • Dlive is the first decentralized video live streaming application on Steemit, you can make a live video using Dlive.

  • Dsound is a Web application that is use for uploading music on Steemit blog, music are stored in ipfs, create a sound track and upload them on Dsound.

Free upvoting tools based on quality contents










Upvoting bots

Don't give up on Steemit easily because you are not getting upvotes, there are upvoting bots that can support you on Steemit when you post good content, you need to know how to use these bots tools, here are some bot tools that might be of help on Steemit, you may want to invest.

  • @upvu
    The 100% upvote of @upvu right now is 141$ in worth, you can set your budget on what you want to invest with them,
    If you delegate SP to @upvu, there are two benefits,
    at first, if you posts, @upvu will upvote the post in 5 minutes.
    Another is you will receive STEEM or UPVU (Steem Engin Token).

  • @tipu

tipu is a tool created by @themarkyman, all you do is bid above 5 steem and get your share of upvote back. The more your bid goes the higher your earning is going to grow, you can also earn by delegating your steem power to them

On minnowsupport, you can get upvotes once in 24hrs, visit their blog and click the discord channel link to join the community of Discord channel, price for registering is 0.001 on minnowsupport, they are supporting minnows on Steemit #minnowsupportproject.

You can bid on minnowbooster above 0.100, and get an upvote back, this bots are good, don't bid below 0.100, the more your bid is the more the weight of you upvote.

This bot bid is around 0.050 and they upvote back on your blog post.

Others upvoting bots are :











Steem dollars exchange

  • Poloniex is a cryptocurrency exchange market when you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies such as sbd, steem, trx, bitcoin, etherium, and other cryptocurrencies. you can also trade them on poloniex, you can find the link of poloniex on your steemit blog on the top right corner.

  • Binance Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrencies market where you can buy your cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, etherium, steem, trx, you can also trade them there, for those who are getting to know more about cryptocurrency Binance is also a good option

  • Bittrex is a market where you can buy and sell their cryptocurrencies, you can exchange sbd, bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, it is a save place to trade your sbd currencies.

  • @Roqqu, is a local currency cryptocurrency exchanger where you can convert steem to currency like Nigerian naira, I used the platform, it's a good website, they also have app you can download on Google playstore or other app stores.

Other useful website to use on Steemit are:

Back to you guys you can drop your favorite tool at the comment. The tools I listed above will never be completed without your comment on this post on your favourite tool you use, and let others learn.

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Hello @naijatimez, I did not know many of these tools, I think this content is very interesting and I also think that you should make a detailed post about the correct way to use some of these tools that you have mentioned, many people may find it just as interesting as I do .

Great content, see you soon..!

This is a good guide it will really help so many new comers to get acquainted with useful tools on the platform.

Thanks @ireti your name surely said it all..

Brilliant guide!!

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