Wealth, the game of Numbers; (how to grow finance)

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Why is it that a lot of people have been unable to achieve financial freedom or build wealth in the world where there is space to explore and unlimited opportunities? It is not about the amount of money at hand as that do not determine wealth alone, if the money at hand was what determine the wealth of an individual, then so many people will not invest in businesses as well as money will not appreciate I the hands of people holding it. I have met with a few millionaires and billionaires in my country in my quest to be financially free and I have concluded that making wealth is a matter of mindset and properly understanding how money works.


Money is nothing but a medium of exchange as well to reward, it is not a means to calculate wealth, one of the wealthy men I spoke to said. Numbers are used to determine the net worth not money, as it is a calculation of total investment, cash, and asset against debts (this is calculations and numbers not money). I am not yet in the class of the millionaires and billionaires in dollars in my country but being opportune to sit with them, I understood a little about their live and how they perceive money to be.

“Why people are not financially free is because they see wealth and the road to wealth as pain” said one of them. It is no doubt that we all want to be rich, but the fact remains that only a few are willing to sacrifice to get this dream a reality. It is believed that only pain can help you amass wealth and the wealth can only be kept with more pain. No one wants to sacrifice their early age of freedom for acquiring wealth.

“The number game of money’ another said. Money is a game of numbers and if you get a penny then you have a number. If you trade it, then you are either trading to lose the number or aim to get more numbers. If you are not good with the game of increasing numbers, then you are surely going to be in deep mess when it comes to money.

“You do not need money to make money, you need your sane mind, creativity and the ability to sell to make money” said another person. Impressively, this is one sentence I love so much from all I heard and that is it does not require money to make money. Some people sell ideas to make money, some sell their innovations and other sell anything possible. In other to make money you have to learn to sell anything including deals.


I loved that phrase "wealth is a numbers game."
Good article.

Thank you.

I agree, money doesn't solve money problems, you need financial intelligence to do it. Whoever doesn't have it won't be able to grow financially. They will only live to pay for the day-to-day, and they will move further and further away from the dream of being rich.

True knowledge is needed to spend money rightly.

it is very hard to really say what makes one rich and wealthy. Many people put in work and followed some thoughtful means in search of financial freedom, but this never worked and they continued to remain average. sometimes there is a bit of luck to it

Right maybe there is but I really think that smart work is always more profitable than hard work everyday.

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