Beyond the certificate (Part 2)

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Thank you for reading further on the TEN things school taught me that were not graded. The following are the rest in continuation from part 1:

Public speaking

I remember being given a particular topic to work on and subsequently presents a power point slide on it. It require me to address the public who in this case are fellow students and member of staffs; talking to them for close an hour. Although, It was really challenging initially but it was later worth it because it has developed my public speaking skills especially effective communication. This is an important skill in the 21st century job market.



The most renown entrepreneurs we have today where produced from the school environment(i.e they started from institutions of higher learning). Some ideas were picked up through research project or critical group discussions. Trying to survive automatically inputs basic entrepreneurship skills into my system. Buying and selling was auto activated because there were students needing essential items that were not readily available at their reach. Therefore selling things to other students using varied online/social media platforms.

Conflict resolution

In School, there are many scenarios of conflicts, either between students or students to lecturers. In most cases I had to make peace. This has taught me conflict resolution in no small way. In fact, having a shared accommodation further exposed me to various issues of conflicts and subsequent resolution.

Financial management

Only those from a humble background can relate well with
learning financial management in school appropriately. I have had to manage about $4 for a month; that almost unbelievable but it is true. This small amount of money with obvious large needs has taught me budgeting and misappropriation, which is a cardinal tool in business management.

Building relationships

Relationships is key to development, schooling offers the opportunity to meet with people from various background (cultural differences and orientation). This has helped me built interpersonal skills. It also helped to extend my sphere of influence.

In conclusion

Schooling is beyond certificate they issue skills that are relevant in society for business and proper integration into the job market.


A lot of us have now realized that it takes more than the certificates for us to excel in whatever field we choose, certificate is merely a thing out of the very numerous necessities.

Hello @mercytos1
Certainly, the certificate is not everything, there is a lot of added value in school and the experience teaches you a lot of things that are not in the books.
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Good morning. Nice to see how you relate your schooling experiences to business management skills. It made me think and I love that, it's true, we learn so much with every experience: the projects, the socializing. Thanks for sharing.