Announcement: Final Reminder of Change to MAXUV minimum token requirement.

in Project HOPE3 years ago

The minimum holding necessary to receive all benefits, both votes and income distribution, will increase from 1 to 10 MAXUV on Sunday 6 December, 2020.

Please read the first announcement for more details.

The change-over will take place after the token distribution this weekend.

Good to see that a number of members have already taken action, so the list below is just those who continue to hold fewer than 10 MAXUV tokens - and more than zero. A few have, actually, shown they have received and understood the changes, but I see they haven't acted as yet so they too have been included as a final nudge.

I am, therefore, tagging here those accounts still affected.


No other members are affected by this. Indeed, it will help the fund slightly with outgoing votes and income in the future.

As a final clarification, nobody is being forced to buy more MAXUV tokens; if you are not posting and not making the best use of member benefits, then you are perfectly entitled to sell your holdings back on the market. If, however, you do wish to continue MAXUV token benefits, then you will need to hold a new minimum of 10 tokens - worth under $2.

Thanks for your support.


PS. Please also check your MPATH holdings on HE.

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