Dream Big- Part 1

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Different motivational speakers with their different quotes to convince people they are right and have a point to prove. And don't get me wrong. Some are actually right and always have a point to prove positively.

But some are..... Well that's not where I am actually going for today. One of the popular quote I always hear is dream big!!!.

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Actually there is no harm in dreaming big. In fact if you want to get to the top, you must have a dream you are pursuing and not necessary a small or ordinary dream, it must really be a big dream. A big dream that's worth causing fear to even you that how am I even going to achieve this goal.

But trust me, that's the mentality every champion always have. They always love to dream big and dream big beyond the comfort zone they are.

And also, when dreaming big, make sure you are not dreaming big within your comfort zone. Now that may actually sound confusing to many people but that's just the basic truth.

In as much as you want to dream big, always endeavour to dream big beyond and outside your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is a determining factor in the rate at which you will succeed or get to the top.

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Hello friend, we certainly have to dream big and then work hard to achieve our dreams. Greetings and thanks for sharing this information.

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Big dreams are very important and for these big dreams to become achievable we need to strategize on working with smaller dreams first that will help us get to the bigger plans with more dedication in mind.

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