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Greetings and welcome dear readers who follow daily the publications made in my blog. The purpose of this publication is to unveil the individual responsibility behind the production of waste or hazardous waste that cause so much damage to the planet earth.

Fig. 2. Our ecological footprint is large enough to threaten our environment. Author: Nathan Copley

Many of us may think that our waste generation is minimal, however, if we analyze the production of waste we realize that our ecological footprint is large enough to have a negative impact on the balance of our planet.

In this sense, we will focus our attention on those wastes that we generate from our homes and that fall into the classification of hazardous by the damage they can generate, hence the need to ask ourselves Do you know the hazardous waste generated in your home?

For the elaboration of this writing, I took the attribution of questioning several respondents and to my surprise the generalities of the answers go in function of assuming that from the homes hazardous waste that threatens the health or the environment are not produced, undoubtedly they are little credible and inconsistent answers that we will try to elucidate by means of conceptual contribution.

Conceptually, we assume as hazardous waste only those materials that are transported in large containers with strict security measures and signs such as "highly radioactive or toxic". However, the reality is different and the truth is that we are being overflowed with highly hazardous materials that are key parts of our devices, call them phones, computers, tablets, among others, which can cause serious damage, but for everyday issues we are willing to assume.

Similarly, medicines, syringes, batteries, fluorescent tubes, paint residues, cleaning products, metals, grease and a variety of substances that generate adverse effects on our health and our environment, substances that are everyday, but do not cease to be dangerous if they are given the proper use and appropriate safety measures.

Fig. 3. We must treat our waste properly in order to move towards sustainable principles. Author: Myriams-Fotos

Beyond how common these substances may become, we must have safety measures according to the type of material we are handling, as well as a systematic process regarding the disposal of the products that is, we must adopt sustainable patterns which are far from dumping the materials in sewage sources, store waste without labels, as these substances can be corrosive and harmful to the aquatic habitat of our poses and because of its availability to carry damage that will spread over time.


The issue of waste has generated a growing interest at this time associated with the covid-19, a problem attributable to the sustained increase that has occurred on these materials, hence the need to implement policies associated with the promotion of sustainable patterns related to environmental care and preservation, as well as campaigns to raise awareness of the risks that generate a poor disposal of materials that are produced from our homes, so if you found this contribution interesting I invite you to leave your perspective in the comment section.


[1] Sanchez. Post-pandemic challenges in solid waste management. CienciAmerica (2021) Vol. 10 (1) ISSN-L 1390-9592 ISSN-L 1390-681X. Article: Online Access



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Hi friend @madridbg.

An interesting topic that you share with us on this occasion, it is true that the generation of waste increasingly causes more pollution to our environment, therefore, as you express:

We must adopt sustainable patterns that are far from throwing away materials.

It is always important this kind of topic because we must be attentive to our actions and especially when it comes to caring for our environment, thanks for sharing such a nourishing commentary, success. Best regards.

Hello @madridbg, Regarding this issue, I believe that due to the current pandemic it is necessary to carry out a great re-education campaign on the management and disposal of polluting waste from our homes and industries, because obviously consumption habits, needs and processes have change drastically and the focus on waste has also changed.

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