I invested in Kanga Exchange Tokens for passive income - I'm tired of doing shorts and watching charts.

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Kanga Exchange is a small but increasing cryptocurrency market made in Poland (now available in Polish and English).

If someone wants only but cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or ETH, I don't recommend that place as there are not too many cryptocurrencies and there are not too many people so far.
What excels it, are tokens. Personal tokens, company tokens and Kanga's self token KNG.

KNG token is used to pay for transaction fees on Kanga Exchange. All fees, does not matter if made between USD-BTC or ETH-BAT, are changed into Kanga's coin. Then all fees from 24 hours are distributed to people who freezed their KNG at Proof of Stake system, and the payout is depending on number of frozen tokens. Therefore it is pure passive income and it will increase as the popularization of Kanga increases.

Kanga offers also some nice tools like buying tokens of sun farm - Copernic. You can buy Copernic (actually COP2 because first farm is in build and now they sell for the second one) farm tokens, then they will buld sun farm from money got that way, and Your tokens produce tokens related with energy made. You can then sell these tokens to Kanga (their guarantee it), keep them to sell them for higher price or if You have house in Poland, buy energy from farm using them. It is nice innovation as we need to increase the amount of renewable energy to breath cleaner air, and because costs of energy in Poland will SURELY increase during next years. There are also other projects like biomass power station (GPP).

By the way, during next 12 days, Kanga is THE ONLY place where You can buy Tenset (10SET) tokens before its Global release (it had its Polish release yesterday on Kanga).


As You see You can buy in BTC, ETH, EUR or USD, You don't need to buy Polish Zloty for anything.

Here is tenset webpage:

So far I decided to buy KNG tokens instead of Tenset, as they are in guaranteed price 1 USD until 1 March. I will see how big passive income they will produce - if not satisfying, I can sell them and buy Tenset between 1 and 7th March still BEFORE Global release.

During last months I have been investing on Bittrex, but I'm kinda tired of having its page opened whole day and checking the courses of crypto all the time (I dont have money and trust to buy bots). Now I would like to have maybe smaller but passive and guaranteed income, and use time for work or writing Master's Thesis instead og watching a lot of crypto related YouTube videos, reading a lot crypto related articles or looking at Bittrex charts.

If You also would like to spend less time with caring about crypto, I encourage You to consider Kanga and buying some KNG, 10SET or COP2.

Best wishes.
Stay cool!

Screen was made by myself.
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