Relationships in times of pandemic

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While it is true that achieving a balance in the couple's coexistence is sometimes complicated by multiple variables, to all this, we can add the confinement as a result of the pandemic; a situation that, if not well managed, can leave fractures in relationships and leave bitter tastes.



In December 2019, Hannah Williamson of the University of Texas at Austin conducted an online survey of 1,200 people. These people had different situations, finding that a large percentage were married, 90% lived together and more than 40% had young children who had not yet reached the age of majority.

Respondents provided all the information necessary to assess the couple's situation. Among the elements studied were the degree of satisfaction, the level of conflict, the handling of criticism, working conditions, the degree of attentiveness and stress triggers. Some of the results show that 41% of them have decreased their level of income, while 12% are unemployed as a result of their situation. In addition, three quarters reported feeling isolated.


Two months after the start of the pandemic, the majority felt satisfied with the relationship, as seen in the averages obtained, which were 15.5 - on a scale of 0 to 25. Broadly speaking, the researcher states that the degree of satisfaction increased, and the atmosphere was more positive for those who were on good terms from the beginning, while the situation was not the same for those who already had some problems. He says that most couples were more flexible and able to handle forgiveness and more receptive to negative behaviour.

Communication is key. Also understanding your life partner's situation, trying to build through criticism, being flexible in everyday situations and understanding seem to be some of the best strategies for coping with confinement.

How have you managed your relationship after the pandemic?

You can read

Early effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on relationship satisfaction and attributions Hannah C. Williamson.


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Hello @lynnmargullys!
The truth is that it must not be easy to live with a person with whom you have problems because, together with the confinement, the economic situation and other causes, it can be a cause of major problems. Particularly, I share a lot with my partner and we have taken advantage of this time to do many things especially with our son and it is time to value even more the partner you have next to you. Thanks for sharing, greetings!

That's right, everyday life can have negative effects on coexistence, and if they are not managed, they will be very negative. I am glad that in your case it was not a bad experience and that you are a spokesperson for the fact that it can be done.

The pandemic issue has been the litmus test for the family in general and evidently for couples, where it is put to the test, since most of the plans came to low and combined all the numbers and statistics that you name.
I am among those that things were good and are still better, thank God.
thank you for your contribution

Maturity, empathy, love and understanding are necessary to cope with this confinement... greetings.

Hi @lynnmargullys

Very original the title you chose for your publication "Relationships in times of pandemic", you are right in what you mention if there are no balances sentimental relationships can deteriorate in these hard and critical months of pandemic, with well you say communication is key to overcome any couple injury, I think the month of AUGUST will be a good month to devote to the partner or that person with whom you have an emotional and physical connection.

Best regards, be well.

August is a special month, especially because of the holidays. If you have the chance to reaffirm this contact you will feel happy and that will accommodate many things. Relationships are not easy, but if you can maintain a regards @lupafilotaxia

I believe the current circumstances are a real test for the couple and those who are in a relationship as they have to overcome many tough circumstances while maintaining their relationship in the best way possible, so understanding each other, helping each other through stressful times is essential, in addition, these time are tough financially so even in this field they will have to support each other to keep life going and avoid any conflict.

Thanks for sharing, nice read.

That's right... living as a couple implies maintaining tolerance and acceptance and even more so in these difficult times we are facing... The goal is to feel peace and to be happy wherever you are... greetings.

We all know this covid-19 suitation has created a huge gap between relationship people cannot come and visit to each other house. They cannot do social gathering etc etc this has effectively created a stressful life for a normal human beings we all need some mind freshness with friends and family all has been lost.