Dilemma around "Titles"

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Not all Founders are the same,
Not all CEOs are the same,
Not all Scientists are the same,
Not all Programmers are the same,
If everyone is not the same,
Then why do we write titles which are the same?

When you become a CEO, you act like a CEO,
When you become a Professor, you act like a Professor,

Why do people act as per their "title"?

Every "title" comes with a preconceived image. We get in the trap of justifying the "title" and somewhere lose our true identity.

People are now changing their generic titles to customized ones. If you browse through the LinkedIn profiles, you will find people who have changed their generic titles to something more personalised.

This gives them the freedom to not behave in a certain pre-conceived manner(according to the "title"), rather they can post what they truly believe in.


Food for thought

Let suppose there is a child who is never told about the professions that available in the market, will this be an advantage or disadvantage?

How will the career of that child shape up in comparison to the one who has knowledge about different professions available?

Should a child "choose" a career or "make" their own career?

Neither we think "out of the box" nor we let the next generation do that.

Similarly, these "titles" also limits the thought process of the individuals, since childhood we have seen people behaving in a certain manner holding these "titles" and when we hold these titles, we also tend to follow a similar pattern.

Example: An engineer is only expected to do engineering work and scolded when he tries to incorporate a different aspect into it.

We need to think beyond these job titles by incorporating different multi-disciplinary aspects into our work.



Hi @knowledgefruit

It's true, academic degrees end up "getting us into the trap of justifying the "title" and somewhere we lose our true identity", it's like a kind of control that the title exerts on our ways of relating to the environment, I always use to place in my profile the description of my responsibilities based on the title, I will reflect on this. Thank you for this publication

Best regards, be well.

Interesting your reflection, in today's world university or academic degrees are less and less necessary to make life operative, children and young people have few expectations regarding this subject, the commercial, banking and financial life is more attractive to them. However, I believe that one should have a basic university degree as a support, thank you very good post.

Hmm, food for thought. Thanks for this

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