BlockFi Had An Hack Event

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BlockFi is an amazing platform where you can passively make money from loaning BTC, LTC, ETH and others and also take loans.

They have Gemini backups and other big people so i feel my money secure there.

Sadly they had little data breach (at least they say).

On May 14th, there was a data incident at BlockFi that exposed certain client account information for a brief period of time. While no information was accessed that would enable the intruder to access your account or your funds, we believe it is in the interest of transparency to share the following details with you, and all of our other clients who were potentially affected.

They claim all passwords and stuff is safe the "only" things accessed were Name, Email Address, Date of Birth, Postal Address, Activity History.

I love that platform and its one of top ones i use (check more here - or in but this has made me a little bit upset. Data breach even so small is not a good thing at all.


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I did have my interest for BlockFi when Coruscate shared about the free $100 when deposit of $200 for new users. This is another information for me to consider but putting in crypto to earn interest is indeed really attractive.

Well, I have heard about BlockFi and it is truly an amazing platform where we can make money by giving loan to someone or we can get easy loans as well. Can you please how people make money by giving loans? Is there any interest rate or something like that?

Thank you and I really appreciate your effort :-)

Sites like this should surely have a way of keeping their sites safe, it might just be a little bit of loose end and internet theft quickly made us of the chance they got.

BlockFi will definitely feel unhappy after the incidence, I do not think they should be completely blamed, they should completely tighten their seat belt.

They claim all passwords and stuff is safe the "only" things accessed were Name, Email Address, Date of Birth, Postal Address, Activity History.

If the hackers were able to get all these information what's the tendency they won't steal users fund and other important data?

I think it's high time they look more into their security system by developing their level of security to avoid such occurrence repeating itself. They should just be thankful that no funds got hacked or stolen by the hackers.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead 💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️

yeah though cryptocurrncy is protected by cryptgraphy the hacker still have other ways to steel the key from submitting data to a site.

Yeah.. That's really another thing though

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