Why Should Entrepreneurs Have Friends - Final Part

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Good day everyone! This is the Final Part of this interesting, informative and educative series, titled, Why Should Entrepreneurs Have Business Friends(Network). If you have not read the Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3, I advice you to read it before going on with this article, by clicking here for Part 1, here for Part 2 and here for Part 3. Finding the right friend will make us happier and richer, so it is very important for an entrepreneur to have good friends around. In today's article, I will be sharing with you guys one benefit why entrepreneurs should have business friends.


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Positive Influence

Friendship is a two way street, when you give to your friend, it contribute to your sense of self-worth. When you lend a helping hand or listening ear or you influence a friend in a positive way, it make you feel worthy and useful. Being there for your friends make you feel needed and adds purpose to your life. So try and influence your friends' life positively as it will also influence your life positively too. Friends can influence you positively by making you learn new skills. As your connections grow, your friends will begin to teach you skills you never would have pursued or in some cases, never know about. One example, that comes to mind for me is public speaking. I'm a shy person and never even thought I could be a good public speaker. I remember one of my best friend, enrolled into a public speaking class and because really wanted to spend more time with her and I like her personality, I followed her along and got enrolled to the same class as her. Looking back now, I'm glad I did because it's has been a huge benefit for me in my office work and it has helped me improve my level of confidence when I'm speaking to a small or big group of people. And also, it has helped me give back to the community in my own little way by talking to young people about my career and encouraging them in their chosen career path. Thanks to my friend for influencing my life in a positive way. I will like you to share any positive influence you may have gotten from your past or present friends.


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Well said my friend @kenny-writes. Friends do add quality to life. It gives your the opportunity to be more useful and also to learn. Yes. When you have a friend that you do chat slot, they will gist you about their steps, mistakes, findings, through which we can also learn.

Thanks for reading through @benie111