How To Invest Your Money As An Entrepreneur

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Good day everyone! I'm beginning a new series, which will be very interesting, informative and educative, titled, How To Invest Your Money As An Entrepreneur. What if someone met you today and asked, how much money would you like to have in order to invest it? What will you say? There are principles in investing money which will ensure huge success in future. In today's article, I will be sharing with you guys, one useful tip/principle on how to invest your money in order to become a successful entrepreneur.


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Overcome Greed

As most of us know, Greed is the downfall of any investor/entrepreneur. When you are greedy you don't see or make rational decisions. You only think of the imaginary money you will make by investing in a bad business. Scammers and internet criminals know that is the nature of almost every human being. We are greedy and want to make huge wealthy from little investment. Scammers and internet criminals make use of our greedy nature to scam us. One online scammer said, as long as humans remain greedy, scammers will make money. Some of you might have heard of ponzi schemes. Ponzi schemes are still very popular in Nigeria. And you wonder why people still fall into their traps, is because of greed. Imagine, someone saying, bring in your money, I will double it, in 6 hours. That's a warning sign, right? People don't care how they will be able to double their money in that short period. Greed has covered their eyes and all they see is what they want to see. These criminals are wise, they will be paying people, which will make other greed people want to invest and those that have invested and gotten double of their money in such short period, will still invest all the money because of the greed of having more and more. To make money, you need patience and the understanding that money grows with time. You have to overcome greed and be patient with your investments. If we understand the effects of compounding interest, we would be hardly greedy. Invest your money without greed and expect huge success.


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It is very funny how people continue to fall into this system of scam over and over again without realizing that they are roaming within the same circle.

Thanks for reading through the article @ajewa