Guide to Initia-testnet on Cosmos Blockchain for possible airdrop

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There are people earning through airdrops and to be honest if you are able to find a genuine project which is in their early phase you really have a chance to make some money by participating in the testnet or becoming a testnet validator. Today I am here to share a project from cosmos chain named Initia, so Initia network is in testnet phase and it is on top of Cosmos blockchain which is one of the famous blockchain when it comes to airdrops. So to participate in this testnet you must have a keplr wallet so in case you don't have it go to your browser and search keplr and install the extension and create a wallet on it.

Once you have the keplr wallet visit this link : INITIA TESTNET

The above screen will appear once you visit the link I shared. There on the top right you can connect your Keplr wallet and continue with the request with which the initia network will be set up in your Keplr wallet. Once you are connected you shall come to the screen you see below automatically but in case you are not directed here you can manually click on the XP option on the top right corner to come there.

Here you will see a list of task which you have to complete in order to gain XP in the network. By the way I must tell this that here everything is free of cost and you don't have to put a single penny from your wallet. So go on and complete the task that you see there on the above page and with each task you complete you will be given a NFT that will also grant you some XP at the same time. In the above screenshot you can see that mint option is there for me as I completed the first task.

Click on mint and you will see the below pop up.

Approve it and you will receive the NFT and 100 XP.

Now similarly you have to complete all the six task and claim NFT for each of them as you can also see in the screenshot below.

Once you mint all the six NFT's you will be eligible to build a jennie and then you simply will get eligible for any airdrop which will be given to the testnet participants. I can write more about this project if people ask me to, It is free and I think it takes less than 10 minutes to complete all the things so once can participate quickly.

This jennie will give you 600XP and that will be reflected on the leaderboard in sometime. Also note that once you complete the tasks it will take few seconds before the mint option is visible to you so don't hurry up and rather just wait to get your NFT's. You can explore this project further to increase your XP.

Thank you

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