Tips to Increase your Earnings by Writing and Publishing articles

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This post is intended especially for all new users who have joined Hope Hive Project and who I consider to be great writers. Every day you award our community high quality writing and valuable content.

Many of my contacts know that I have a Blog on Publish0x.
My biggest daily work activity is focused on Project Hope Hive, but eventually I also post on other platforms.


When I met, I was excited by the idea of ​​getting some different tokens than STEEM. Back then the most attractive asset Publish0x offered was the DAI stablecoin.

Eventually BAT was incorporated. From that moment on, my taste for the platform increased as I am a user of Brave Browser and I really enjoy its advantages and the whole concept that surrounds the Basic Attention Token.

So I increased my posts with the intention of getting more BAT.

I am going to share a little experience with you.

You can increase your income by republishing your Hive articles in Publish0x. Just do not forget to make the clarification in your post, that it was previously published and place the link to the original publication.
This you must do because this platform has a set of Terms and Conditions in addition to the TOS and Code of Conduct that you must respect.


In reference to the Brave Browser, I can tell you that my experiences have been satisfactory, both in terms of use and the rewards obtained. I'm assuming you should already know that with the use of Brave Browser you can win BAT.

I have a series of published articles where I explain various aspects about this browser and my earnings. Please you can check them here:


I hope my experiences work for you too.

ps: I used personal referral links throughout my post.


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Live the BraveBrowser Experience. Browse fast, safe while earning BAT tokens.
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I hadn't really heard of publish0x before but another good way to earn some income on blog posts. I guess it uses markdown/html code so can just copy and paste over?

 2 months ago 

Hello dearest friend @nickyhavey.

Thanks for approaching and commenting.
The editor is very friendly. Copy / paste works perfectly.

I recommend that you try it. Many good writers are already posting there.

Your friend, Juan.

Created an account there sometime ago but have not been really active there..

What's your username there?

 2 months ago 

My user name is: Juan Molina.

 2 months ago 

Thanks to me for showing other tools to be able to publish on other platforms.