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RE: How to exchange steem or hive into Bolivares

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Greetings friend @achim03.

The commitment and affection you have for us never ceases to amaze me.
You have always appreciated the Venezuelan community, it has helped me personally, as well as many other Venezuelans. Thanks brother.

This method that you propose involves a lot of expense in exchange commissions. I don't think we can implement it.
Better Let's look for other options, do you think?

I use Uphold. I am in a telegram group where many payment methods such as Paypal, Zeller, Uphold, Payeer and Skrill are traded.
The advantage of Uphold is that it supports a wide range of cryptos.
The first step would be to find an exchange that accepts STEEM.

Blocktrades will soon start trading with steem and hive.

Your friend, Juan.

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Hi Juan,
Thanks a lot for your comment and your answer. I also have an Uphold account. I think if you can exchange steem/hive on Ionomy to dash and then send it to uphold that would also be a good idea. But it's still a lot of money changing.

I also read that blocktrades will resume soon. I believe that will simplify it much if you can directly trade steem/hive for btc and send it to orinoco.

Best regards,

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Any idea why Orinoco stopped accepting steem deposits?

 last year 

Any idea why Orinoco stopped accepting steem deposits?

 last year 

They transfer all the steem from their transactions to Binance.
Binance had stopped steem operations, so they did too.
I think it was a preventive reaction due to a lack of information about the uncertainty about the future of steemit as a result of the hive fork.

Orinoco currently resumed its operations with steem.
The other active exchange in Venezuela is called Capybaraexchange. They did not stop. In fact, they are already testing to buy Hive.

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