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RE: Qué nos sucede cuando volamos? // What happens to us when we fly?

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Hello @leticiapereira
It's interesting the subject matter you shared.
I didn't know about the loss of taste and smell. In the university I could see some classes in which they talked about the differences in depression and how they affect us. Dehydration, something important that you mention, is generally due to the decrease of atmospheric oxygen levels, the ucerpo tries to compensate the lack with an increase of the respiratory frequency, which is generally between 10 and 20 ventilations per minute, it usually increases, and when we expire we vote water vapor, which makes us lose that great amount of water, it is imperceptible, but it can affect us.

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Thanks @josevas217, yesterday I was talking with my husband, he is an aeronautical firefighter and has had to make aeromedical transfers, you can not imagine how interesting it was to share different points of view, such as the passenger - crew, as the patient, especially in the care in these times of covid19. See you in the Discord.

That must be a great experience, your husband must have a lot to tell you, yes, it's really interesting. It's nice that you can have those kinds of conversations.