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In the spirit of continuing to promote the creation of original content in our Project Hope community and encouraging participation, I bring a new contest format for this month. As you may remember, this would be the fourth contest I organize within the community, with the support of @juanmolina, @gbenga, @crypto.piotr and of course, @project.hope.

The previous contests have been to create a publication from a phrase, this time I like the idea of creating from an idea that I bring, I'll explain it to you.



Since last year, with the beginning of the pandemic, we could see that many companies simply went bankrupt, unemployment increased, the tourism sector entered a kind of decadence due to the impossibility of receiving tourists, among many negative things that happened, without a doubt we can say that there were characters that stood out and that their fortunes increased significantly, surely some names will come to your mind when reading the above, and this is what this new contest will be about. I will pose the following question to start:

If you had the opportunity to attend an intensive month of business training, which one would you choose?



  • Elon Musk
  • Jeff Bezos
  • Mark Zukerberg
  • Warren Buffett

It is obvious that the above names stand out among the top billionaires in the world, but obviously, it is not just about saying the name, otherwise, it would not make much sense, the important thing is to say why they would choose this character, well, below I will leave some questions that could serve as a guide to start the process, and you can, of course, add more to your answers.

  • What do you think is the greatest strength in this character's economy?
  • What would you like to learn from him?
  • Do you think his business will last much longer? Why?
  • Do you think they really make a big contribution to the planet with their business?

These are just some guiding questions, but you can skip them and let your imagination run wild to develop your participation in the contest. For my part, I will also make my participation, obviously, I will not win 😆.

A reminder, the important thing is to create purely original content, PLAGIARITY FREE, all publications will be reviewed, and any sign of plagiarism will be canceled your participation in this and the next contests.

  • Write a post of between 250 and 600 words, related to the phrase that has been placed as the main idea.
  • Publication must be done in the community of Project Hope.
  • You can use the images you need to express your idea, but that are in the public domain (always quote the source, if you don't know how to do it consult here).
  • Mention this contest somewhere in your publication.
  • Resteem to this post, the idea is to reach as many users as possible. (optional)
  • Use the tag #ph-contest
  • Any sign of plagiarism in the publication will lead to not being considered as a participant in the contest.
  • You can also leave the links of the participation posts as comments in this publication.

These are only some questions that could be asked in order to elaborate your participation in the contest...
Now, a part that interests all of you, THE PRIZE, will be the following:

  • First prize: 70% vote with the Project Hope trailer (350000 STEEMPOWER )
  • Second prize: 50% vote with the Project Hope trailer (350000 STEEMPOWER)
  • Third prize: 30% vote with the Project Hope trailer (350000 STEEMPOWER)

The jurors of this contest will be @juanmolina and I (@josevas217).

Thank you very much in advance for your participation.

Excellent and productive week for all.

I authorize the use of this banner to everyone who wants to do it.


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josevasGIFT FINAL.gifLOGOTOP.png
 2 years ago 

Dear @josevas217.

From the beginning, the idea of creating a contest within our beloved community has been a brilliant idea, as well as a great opportunity for all members to participate and interact as their creative abilities are put to the test.

Now with the change in methodology, the contest is being given a renewed touch.
It is something like when we rearrange the furniture in our house, to activate the Fenchui.

Hi @juanmolina
Yes, the idea is to keep reinventing yourself, moving furniture from time to time is not bad. It does not completely rule out the previous idea, I think you could go interspersing the contest models. Thank you broth

 2 years ago 

Go for it, dear friend.

Hello @josevas217:

The idea of ​​this contest seems very great to me, and I am sure that many people will participate or at least I will encourage them to do so 😄

I find it very attractive to know the opinion of all those who are going to participate about these important characters.

Surely this will bring very interesting conversations and we will learn a lot.

And the awards seem great too, congratulations on taking this important and fun initiative.

Thank you very much for the support @reinaldoverdu, the idea is that, that we can bring the most user traffic to the contest. Yes, for sure there will be good and interesting posts.

this is a wonderful contest, as always this community is very active, it is a difficult decision on who to write about since these people are the great minds of this century and each one has strengths in their fields.

Hello friend @josevas217 what a great contest, the truth is that they are great characters, I think an intensive with them would be amazing for anyone, they are great minds in my opinion. Each one has something important they could bring to us, it's a hard decision. Greetings!!!

I will participate, I really like this topic

excellent the topic to be discussed, I am going to motivate myself to write from my point of view greetings friend

Hi @josevas217
An excellent proposal as always, a topic that provides us with an invitation to write.
I will soon edit this comment with my participation.
Best regards.

Thank you for your comment, I look forward to your participation and hope you can invite more people.

Hello friend, excellent initiative, here my participation

Hello friends, it is good to see that thanks to you I am here, every day learning more about this special community

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