The Emotional Appeal Behind Trend Buying; How Does This Influence A Negative Financial Mindset?

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Appeal & Trend

Nigeria is a country that likes buying into trends, both physically and online trend especially if it's fuels an emotional appeal in the mind of the people that are actually buying into these trend and it makes it become a thing.

When one's financial decisions are fuelled by emotions it makes it rather difficult for them to buying into logical things that are stable and prospectfully beneficial. In 2015 The Nigerian election was fuelled by an emotional appeal.

This is to say that there a general emotion on removing the then current president Goodluck Jonathan was educated and an economist to the core for a military ruler who had no experience of how to manage a capitalist-democratic state.

There was an emotional appeal that Nigeria needed a change and people bought into these trends without considering the repercussions and here we have it; a state regretting each and every decision to vote in Muhammedu Buhari who promised jobs for the employed ₦5000 monthly for graduates without any jobs and many economic changes that would happen to the state but we all know how that has panned out.

Another trend that i noticed is graduates holding placards to display their degrees and certificates and their emails asking for employment opportunities. In viral photos, seeking for help. I do not know the origin of these trends but then a lot of people have followed this initiative.

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Now inasmuch as this looks good on the surface is there anyone who disputes the unemployed rate in the state? Nigerians are creative, you can see this all over social medias. These creativeness are not being translated to monetary opportunities.

People have ideas to beat poverty, they have ideas to follow the short cut and create immense wealth. Lack and scarcity creates a sense of desperation it makes people channel their abilities to means that are wrong. This isn't totally for the whole population but the majorly a large number of people.

Inasmuch as carrying placards to seek for work seems more faster than going to firms to seek for employment buying into that emotion is totally not ideal and that is why we have wrong people employed in the wrong places due to an emotional pressure or appeal.

Appeal To Fraudulent Means

Internet fraud is another emotional appeal. People justify crime with unemployment and poverty excuses. When you go to internet fraud invested states and neighbourhood you see people holding iPhones and laptops and talking about "clients" and the newest methods to scam people.

They call it "hustle" and call it the fastest employment opportunities you can ever get around. It has totally become so rampant that the police and some paramilitary agencies are in on theses duplicitous ways of making money so much that they collect money from these people to allow them continue the crime.

When you look at people like Hushpuppi and Invictus Obi who was sentenced to serve term for online scams you'll see that there's an appeal to go into fraud with the excuse that the economy is bad.

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Buying into trend feels logical but then it's irrational and never long-termed. There was once a trend on Benz cars in Nigeria and almost every rich person had to buy one to publicise their status as wealthy people.

It was a economic trend driven by emotion people pumped in money buying Mercedes Benz and a lot of people who are legitimate into business had to follow these trend to at least enjoy the buzz of owning a Benz, flashing it on social media and selling misleading PR to the public.

In reality trends don't last, it only makes people poorer than they were. People don't have the investment mindset, they want short cuts they abhor due process but yet look up to the likes of Jeff Besoz and Elon Musk who has taken like an eternity to build their business and brand.


Doing something just because everyone else does it, I think it is not good and even less so when it leads to harming other people. There are different ways to improve financially, not exactly by cheating others. It is a sad reality. Greetings!

I don't think there is any justification for defrauding someone else and it is very sad that our generation celebrates the act of fraud as being a good thing.

Exactly there's no justification but our generation would generally not see this in any way. It's pathetic and really sad.

One thing I believe is that not all trend some should buy into. In as much as there is economic hardship in the country, that's not a justify reason to jump into internet fraud but I guess many people are not interested in the negative ending anymore

The love for trend without minding what the financial impact will mean is very common around here and it is a bad trend that most young people fall for easily.