Secrets And Humans; How Does It Indulges Or Makes Us Culpable?

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Secrets are another form of deception, this is because before we consider something to be a secret, there's a tendency that we have weighed it as an information which would change a whole lot of narrative either to our advantage or disadvantage mainly and then at the end we keep the information sequestered away so that the person or people who should know about it wouldn't. In that instant we have successfully kept an information away from someone who might need it and whose actions needs to be based on that piece of information. This isn't always true but often true, in reality we keep secrets simply because of fear; fear of reaction, fear of feedback and fear of losing people or things which we consider to be very dear to us. And sometimes people keep secrets because they want to remain private but this is seldom true.

In most of my publications I use to say that feedbacks mostly constitute the kind of changes we cultivate, it often narrows our choices and mostly determines our decisions and even most times we are conflicted within ourselves because the feedback we hear and the actions we are willing to take are contrasting and at the end of the day we majorly do what we are pressured to do rather than what we really want to do because we value the essentiality of feedbacks a whole lot. So, the fear of feedbacks is one of the reasons why we fear, feedbacks can further lead to reactions, body language, changes people cultivate towards you when they hear a whole new information which of course contradicts the image they basically have of you.

Personal secrets sometimes constitutes "the core us" it means that one of the secrets which people tend to protect so much are secrets that has to do with them. Sometimes personal secrets tends to change how people see us, it means they'll be surprised that we're not actually what they think you are and this suprise can make them forcefully change their attitude and relativity towards you. No one wants to be seen in different light, no one wants to be seen as weak, disgusting or even dangerous because when people discovering a personal secret about someone who they think they fully know they'll subconsciously and consciously develop a whole new personality towards that person and that's the stigmatisation that comes with knowing one's secrets.

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Most people do everything possible to keep their personal secrets especially if it contradicts the opinion and light which others see them in that's why I say secrets sometimes can be another way of deception. Needful to say, when an information isn't essential to changing another person's perspective about you, then it's basically not a a secret. One of the main feature of a secret that makes it a secret is the likeliness of it being an information that should be instrumental to the truth of how people should see you in but then if an piece of information wouldn't influence change, feedback or a certain level of reaction from the people who you give this information to, then it isn't really a secret.

In conclusion; everyone has the right to their secrets and even if they owe the deserved people the right to these secrets we must understand that no one exactly wants to keep secrets because of how it changes, influences or weighs them down. Being secretive makes people liars, it makes people create a cloak and dagger personality makes them largely unreliable in some aspects of life. However we must understand that everyone is guilty of keeping secrets but then the main reason why we see some as culprits and cuts others some slack is because some secrets hardly holds any ground, it can be shallow, without repercussions or has massive disadvantages but then some secrets are impactful, it holds ground and sometimes a lot of things depends on it. So when people holds secret such as this and eventually people find out, it eventually means everything the keeper of the secret fears will definitely happen.


I really never knew that the most mentioned word SECRET could be broken down into a long post like this, kudos friend great one.

Of course, it was a well thought out written one. Some things are expanded if we really look at them

I really see no reason for digging deep into other people's secret, whatever they consider a secret might be determental if let out.

Of course there's nothing, ever considered there are secrets that's directly infringing if kept a secrets and might greatly affect other people's actions?

Secrets have been existing from time immemorial and humans specially hold up to these secrets which sometimes eventually comes out and causes chaos, we live in a controversial world, I must commend your writing.