Money Is Fleeting, The Real Value Is "You"

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Money is fleeting because it has many means to an end and as humans, we will always have more needs provided there's the opportunity to make money. In reality, it's difficult to make money but for a lot of people who are into crypto, this concept might just be changing.

I use to say it that people are the real value, money is just the legal tender that proves the value we embody and this is why it is not too difficult for productive people to make money, truth is, the ability to carve a niche where need is necessary, it can guarantee financial returns, when a person has the proper framework, the plan (both short term and long term) sometimes many people feel that with unlimited money they do not need a plan.

But there's no such thing as uncountable or limitless money, truth is, the more a person begin to envisage that they have a lot of money, this is when the pressure comes to spend ostentatiously. Spending is quite very easy. People who feel too rich do not look at things like price or value for money when they're spending, infact it brings a sort of elevation when they go to the mall, pick up expensive things, leave extravagant tips and establish flamboyancy that of course places the status of wealthy on them when they come in contact with others.

However it differs; spending flamboyantly and earning extravagantly will sort of make people establish an equilibrium, it might mean you won't become poor but then you wouldn't become richer either.

Now it differs when people are spending from a honeypot of wealth without actually topping it up with maybe other means of income. A lot of people I've seen have made money through online betting and and gambling, hit about 40 million in naira and they feel it's time for retirement.

Put these money in the bank and then with a sense of plenty, they begin to spend the money, they however fail to envisage the end. They do not plan for when these monies will be no more and instead they embark on a spending spree.

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The sense or perceiving that there's plenty makes them forget that the value of money is determined by how we use it. They see a lot of millions pilled in their bank accounts and see opportunities to spend because it would useless to invest as they have too much to last them a lifetime.

I don't know, but this mindset seems limited from the society where I come from. When a person becomes wealthy through means such as gambling I don't consider them truly wealthy, because to be truly wealthy is to stay rich for a really long period of time and this should be made possible by the level of financial discipline and creativity we have.

Being rich by mistake is often a burden, it brings a certain ineptitude and while there's little or no ability to handle the pressure that comes with being rich a lot of mistakes are made.

This is why I said "money is fleeting", in crypto, people become as wealthy as their choices, their ability to hold their own and a little spark of luck. One of the lessons I've learnt so far being in crypto is that hard work is different from smart work, this doesn't make smart work less easier.

As a person, i've learnt to channel money in the proper way rather than allowing it to overwhelm me. We're as rich as the choices we make and it doesn't even extend to the money we have in the bank. Infact the money in one's bank is virtually useless. Its that one which is locked away in a virtual or real-time Investment that is one's truest wealth. The value lies within what we can do with the money and not in the purchasing power of the money itself.


Hello @josediccus the society we find ourselves in has proven over and over again that the set of people who get their money through dubious means end up spending it extravagantly on things that does not matter hence they are not difficult to identify. I really think the best thing is to always consider good relationships over monetary values.