Money And The Motivation To Content; Why Are Some Content Priceless?

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I've been blogging for consistently five years now and for five years I've consistently given a high level of productivity taking advantage of my hunger to explore variety of niches to stay at a top level for a long period of time. However I've particularly discovered something and that's the fact that for people who create contents taking advantage of immediacy, find inspiration with thing in their proximity, it's always difficult to of course run out of content. Of course with the right channel, content is money. People pay money for the craziest of things and once on Fiverr I've seen people paying money to be serenaded to. That's why I feel that there's no specific relativity to quality and what is deemed quality nowadays is what is relatable, viral and appeals to human need and fantasies.

The human experience in its numerous variety is a story to tell and sometimes our tales and unique lifestyle might be fascinating to someone enough for them to to pay money to see or know. Everything we know or learn isn't always first hand experienced by us and one way or the other we somehow pay to access the vast human knowledge, art, science, technology and even more. I have somehow resigned to tell my story and use it to make money. When you take a look at the internet there's endless interaction and transaction always going on, from clicking a video on YouTube to viewing the ads and and going on to watch the video, there's an endless interaction and of which people are making themselves informed while enriching the person who owns the information.

Truth is, the money is is where the attention is. Sometimes money becomes meaningless when content can relate to even a psychological and emotional level. If a content gets to that level then it means that content somehow satisfies a particular need of which no substitute can ever do. Look at the porn industry; many people pay hundreds of dollars just to get exclusive porn contents. Now sex is something that isn't so difficult to come by so why does an online virtual sex video still sell even more? That's because it's filled with diverse human expression which isn't common in everyday human life and majorly these becomes fantasies which people crave, long for and even get addicted to and that's why sometimes people don't care how much they pay to access a content such as this.

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Contents that sells human experience often gain major attention and that's where you'll find the money. The way the internet has been monetized so far is amazing. You see people don't mind giving off their information just to access a comic video or maybe content that brings exclusive Info and most times, bloggers sells click bait and all just to you know bring the multitudes to their websites. So it's simple, the internet brings numerous audience and if have contents then you're in for a spree. Of course it takes a lot to be a content creator and sometimes the process of contenting takes a toll on the creator and this is where I largely expressed concerned with in the first paragraph. It takes a lot of emotional stress. I know a guy who talks his martial problems on his a video series and he actually has a wide range of audience because it's the type of content people can relate with on more than a physical level.

However, money is always the motivation and a content owner knows this, it's what often pushes people to sometimes reach to a certain extent even if it endangers them. Have you seen photographers and reporters? These people understand that content is money and they often go to any length. In my case I've remained consistent for like 5 years and sometimes I get in danger of losing it. I was almost lynched one time for trying to do an exclusive indoor content and when I look back I see that basically money is the driving force . At the moment find it difficult to remain at a top level but then everyday i try hard to explore new niches. In 2020 I picked up a lucrative niche and that's photography and talking finance. I've been blogging on leofinance as well and for one bit money still remains the motivation.


Hello friend, while putting so much energy into what we do money will always remain a strong motivation especially if you come from a country like ours where you regularly need to look for something extra to do of you want to survive.

Yeah, the country we come from hardly cuts it for us. And money needs to be made and so far the motivation for making good content is always there. Thanks for the comment

Hello @josediccus
Interesting contribution.
Certainly, now that almost everything moves through the Internet, the ability to monetize in a certain way is related to our abilities to do and express ourselves.
Money will always be an important stimulus in our lives, obviously, and I see it as difficult to change that someday.

Yeah you're right money will always be a stimulus. The internet provides a lot of opportunities and it's sometimes left to us to utilize them. Thanks a whole lot for the comment

My content is always more valuable than the tiny up-votes I'm able to leave a person...
September 20, 2020... 10.2 Hollywood Time...

Well that's true

it's all part of a process of learning, finding the right niche, feel comfortable and start producing until capitalizing.I agree with you on that today most people create content is for money, and is currently common to see it for the large number of people working remotely.

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