Diversification, Creating And Building Wealth: Why Remain A Pawn To Centralised Settings?

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2017 was the year that I learnt that making, creating or building wealth can be diversified into many fragments other than going to college and using the college degree to cash in on the next available employment. One of the reasons why we have many people seeking and applying for a limited number of jobs especially in Africa is because people see education as a means of being gainfully employed rather than a means to learn how to create a form of employment which can be useful to gainfully employ others and create a dependable rather than a dependent chain. There's an overdependence in the system and this brings a total shallow minded approach to the issue of money making
To some extent, education is a barrier to financial freedom in some African countries and why is this?

Many celebrities are cashing in on the vast majority of people on centralised medias to promote organisations and companies and that's why I compare centralised media to how the system works in some Africa countries: People are just tools to enriching some privileged few by selling their data and their presence, it's like narrowing the fundamental of money making to a streamlined extent. One terrible things about this situation is that the world joyously shills their informations, time and effort in exchange for social comfort, fake publicity and a means of escape, which makes it disheartening when people say "I'll prefer being on Facebook because it promises me more social interaction than hive/steem"

Money making is not all black and white and decentralised and the web monetisation is the reason why this is so. I started blogging fully on the chain in 2017 and the fact that I saw it as a means of giving, taking, building and creating wealth was why i made it my basic means of getting a better life for myself. The world is becoming largely oligarch and monopolistic in nature and if not for cryptocurrency and blockchain, a tiny fragment of people will control the majority of wealth in the future, While the remaining vast majority will just be a pawn or a necessary tool to making wealth for the tiny majority of people to control. Whether we practice democracy, socialism or communism this will never change this narrative but only reshapen it.


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In other world, the perspective is becoming broader and it's important to understand that off the system, we can make and create and build wealth in the diverse world of crypto and blockchain. For me, education is only a leverage and I'm not banking on it to be gainfully employed and spending time on centralised medias has become less of a priority. It's a matter of time before people realise they are pawns In the game of wealth creation but when will this be? Creating wealth or building is not by only actively earning from salaries. The web is becoming like a liberal web where opportunities are spun simultaneously and gaining knowledge about this is what will only actually make the difference.

Entrepreneurship sometimes becomes desolate and non functional simply because funding is an issue and many of these wash off everyday. Starting small is what becomes really impossible these days but then the web, blockchain and decentralisation makes every activity you do become a means of building wealth. I'm actually unemployed but then I live better than some people who are fully employed and three years ago this wasn't so. Truth is, I earn from HODLing, staking, trading and virtually doing micro sourced jobs on the internet. I earned, then invested back and now it's different and most people I've talked to about these potentials does not believe the web can be monetized aside from creating a great social experience.


Hello @jossedicus
You're not really unemployed, as far as I can see, because writing, uploading a video, interacting is a great job in itself.
Diversifying not only the options of earning but of acquiring knowledge is necessary to be able to enjoy many things in this increasingly globalized world.

Beautiful comment, technically I'm not unemployed like you say, but then is I'm not gainfully employed in any organisations so I do my best to survive. Thanks a whole lot

The point is, you must have multiple entries, and you don't have a boss, not officially.
And I think you could be on your way to that financial freedom you're looking for.

Sadly people prefer to waste their time on networks like facebook, miss the opportunity to generate wealth here in steem, in the future that will change

Diversification is a great tool to learn more and add to our pockets, learning and unlearning every time and diversifying our skill to gain even more knowledge.

I think some unemployed youths today are sometimes the reason for their unemployment due to the lack of information and proper utilization of their smartphone. Some people could have made cool cash via blockchain social media platforms like Steemit or hive but some of them aren't really using their smartphone productively.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead

You're definitely right youths of nowadays aren't too really doing well in utilising their smart phone to discover ways to actually earn passive income from the web. It's such a pity. Thanks for the comment man

Studying and graduating for obtaining a job was the idea that our parents passed on to us, perhaps because at the time it was a sure way of getting a better economic position. But times have changed, and this time entrepreneurship is worth more, creating good content and monetizing on the web is a better way than just spending time on social networks, as you say, serving the interests of others, but many people do not understand. Thanks for sharing.

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