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Laptop computers are one of the most delicate pieces of technology you'll ever own. Yet, they're also subjected to the most abuse. These five simple tips will help you extend the life of your laptop.

Turn it Off Before Moving

While some modern laptops feature SSD drives with no moving parts, many older computers still have mechanical drives that function similarly to a record player. It has a head that looks like a needle on a record player and a data storage platter that looks like a record. The head is only a few microns above the spinning disk's surface, and a knock can force them to clash. Whatever data was on that portion will be damaged and lost, just like a deep scratch on a record. So before moving or packing away your laptop, be sure it is turned off.

Keep It Cool

The fan and auto-shutoff on your laptop will both notify you when it's too hot. Each component in your laptop produces heat, and the harder it works, the more heat each component produces. The fan spins to remove the heat from the vent and keep the components cool enough to operate. Your fan volume is the most excellent guide to monitoring laptop heat because there is no clear temperature signal. The fan will spin faster and louder while the laptop is working hard (and getting heated). It doesn't take long for it to sound like a hairdryer! Keep your fan vent clear of books, blankets, and other obstructions to help it out.

Respect The Cords

There are a handful of fragile wires inside those tough-looking power lines, imploring you to be kind. You'd think they'd be able to take a beating, bend, twist, and be run over by chair wheels, but they can't. Keep sharp or flat-edged products away from cables, and while wrapping for shipment, attempt to replicate how they came out of the box. Wrap the cord around itself or the power adapter gently and attach it with Velcro or something similar.

Carry It in Padded Style

Look for a bag that can hold your laptop and give padding. Even with careful use, your system will be subjected to several bumps and bangs while the bag is moved around. Therefore, your bag should include padding on the bottom, sides, and top, as well as a waterproof outer layer. If you don't like backpacks, search for padded or hard-shelled sleeves.

Back It Up

Laptops provide us with incredible mobility, but they are, as previously stated, rather delicate. While a backup will not extend the life of your laptop's components, it will make minor repairs much more manageable. If your data is accessible elsewhere, you're more likely to take it in for service, and you're also fully prepared in the case of an accident or theft. Consider an off-site backup for added security so that no matter what happens to your laptop, you'll still have access to your vital files.


I like to write these helpful articles for the everyday user. However, if you are a Renegade IT or Business professional and want to know more about ITSM processes and IT policy, hit me up at ITSM RHINO


For many of us our computers are our way of life and we should take care of them in a special way, but sometimes we think they are just machines that do not require high level care, thanks for the advice.

You bring up a good point. We sometimes take them for granted as they are always there and available..until they aren't. I tell people all the time that a computer is like a car and requires regular maintenance to make it last longer.

Hello friend, I think many do not take into account how fragile our computers can be, the truth I try to take care of mine as it is an indispensable instrument of work, and although it is portable I always try to turn it off before moving it to another place, thanks for these useful tips.

Thank you for sharing your very good practice. Keep up the great work.

Thanks for the comment, please continue to stop by and share.

Greetings @joebrochin _
A publication that calls for reflection on the use and care that we must have with our laptop, no doubt they are important tips to give a better use to it as it is for many is our means of work. I hope to continue reading such interesting publications on technology.
Thanks for sharing

Thank you. Yes, laptops need love and care just like any other piece of equipment. For sure there will be more articles in the future as I like to provide value to readers as much as possible.

I should share this article with my brother because he never seems to know when the laptop needs to go off, he leaves it on almost all the time and sleeps off on some designs. I am certain he will stop the bad habit after going through these safety tips.

He is not alone, even I find myself guilty of this one at times too.

Hello! Thanks for shearing this wonderful articles, i have learnt something new and in will try to apply it.


Appreciated. Happy it helps.

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