Customer Target Marketing in Business

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A lot of us have heard about target customer marketing. It is a way for a setting a niche to certain customers thereby allowing them to focus on a type of product or a type of service. This type of marketing has its good and bad side, a lot of people love to be called a type of name related to what they are getting provided it is something attractive. A milk and cream company can decide to call their customers names like cream mummy, milk daddy, and so on, also they could decide to call their customers other attractive names just to ensure their customers are key to them.


In this way also, competitors have found a way to use this against one another making it look like it is a way of stereotyping their customers. Marketers who do not use target marketing seems to achieve more compared to marketing that requires target marketing because in most cases the customers we think we are targeting aren’t those we are supposed to target while those we target.

Instead of targeting a few groups of customers, it is preferably to look at a broad spectrum and how you can meet a larger consumer. It is advisable to think like your customers, see things from their view while considering heir emotions, motivations and desires. It is no doubt that businesses that uses broad customer mode of marketing are more productive compared to businesses that focus on generic customer targeting.

Instead of targeting sex or age, you could target values as this is one thing that a lot of tech companies are working with currently. Instead of calling social media a thing for the young, old, male or female, tech companies use a broad spectrum such as communication, networking, community, family, loved ones, hanging out, reunion and so on as these things regard to values for humans and so not forget that customers are not robots, they are humans.

On a final note, before you start looking at either broad or generic target of marketing you should carefully look at a customer and what they value, and work with that.


I talked about this a lot when it comes to business. You should not in any play with target marketing. Take a look at facebook and co doing it, It is just awesome. The return from target marketing is awesome.

Thanks for the additional information friend.

I agree with you, sometimes we limit ourselves and our business to those that we think should be our target audience meanwhile we can broaden our view and expand our market base.

Thanks for the additional information.

good article, from my point of view the segmenting of the public is recommendable if you are a small company that must maximize its sales, now if you are a big company it is better to aim at a wider public

Really great point thank you so much for the lovely comment.

Hi friend, I think these are good options, we should always expand and not stay with just one option, innovation is what makes a business attractive!

innovation is what makes a business attractive!

Very correct friend, every business must watch out to innovate.

I have come to realize how important it is not to limit ourselves to a certain target audience but go out of our way to satisfy as much people as we can, q good example is Google and Facebook.

Thank you for reading.

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