Benefits of remote working

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Coronavirus has exposed our minds to the benefits in working from home, working from home was considered as the height of being lazy and a lot of people considered the idea of going to work every morning and returning home later in the evening as the only way to become productive, but of course the pandemic proved us wrong as so many people worked from their homes and even produced a better result than when they had to rush to work every morning.

Although not very type of job can be done remotely, some still need to rush off to work and then get back home at the late hours of the night but those who are able to do their jobs from their homes are grateful for the opportunity. Read on to understand some of the great benefits that comes with working remotely just in case you are still having doubts about it.


Less Distraction.

An office space can be filled with lots of distractions from staff and customers but if you are working from the comfort of your room alone, you can stay focused to your system until you finish with that job without having to listen to a quick gossip from your colleague.

Have you been focused on a task and an angry customer barges into the office space and begins to say all sort of things? Your attention shifts from working on that project to calming down the angry customer, if you are working from the comfort of your home, that will not happen because you will not have customers barging into your room or deal with noisy distractions.

Dealing with Rush Hours.

Rushing to work every day trying to beat regular traffic is one way to get a worker destabilized throughout the day, with remote working there will be no need to rush to work and already feel tired by the time you get to work in the morning.

The Ease of Working from any Location.

Working from any location is a great added advantage that remote working adds to us, with remote working you can travel to visit your parents and still work or even go for your desired vacation and work from there.

Balancing Life and Work Properly.

The effect of working for long hours outside your home is that the time to rest never comes handy but being able to balance work and life in a good way is the convenience that remote working offers. If you properly plan yourself as a remote worker, you may choose to take a quick nap after you have accomplished a task or the time you use in rushing back home from work could be used to take a quick stroll.


I wrote something on this in less than some days back. Truth be said, corona virus have brought out that amazing qualities in some of us. Although pandemic is bad but I enjoyed every bit of it.

remote working might look shinny, but the fact still that working together with your team from the same environment makes for more productivity. Post-pandemic, I'll like things to go back the way they used to be.

Working from home is wonderful. Luckily I could work from home during my quarantine. However, once a certain normality is regained, we are back to work as before, but dealing with the peak hours, everything from home, collapsing transportation, long wait for transportation, and more, is a waste of time, stressful in addition, problems that could be avoided if we

The fact that we spend more time at home with our loved ones is one thing I enjoy about remote working, the time we spend on transportation to work and back home can easily be used for something more resourceful.

Good article, one of the benefits of remote work was not only for people in quarantine but also for countries where the economies are bad, that gave us a window of opportunity to win in a currency more stable than that of our countries.

I second @joelagbo's comment, in many cases working close to your team is boosting productivity. Also, working from home can have adverse effects such as lack of focus due to ambient familiarity (e.g. getting distracted, having family members around) and even negative sides, such as blurring the lines between personal time and work time - which are already hard to keep because of permanent connectivity (e.g. receiving work email on mobile phone).

Remote working is great and, if anything useful came out of this pandemic, it's been proven to work well. But it must be managed carefully by each of us.

Remote working is really helpful in my opinion, I know a lot of families that got united as a result of the work.

Hello friend, I believe that working from our homes is the best, it has many advantages, of course we must know how to organize ourselves since laziness can win us over. But certainly we avoid many things like the tiredness of walking all day in the street, having to lead with obtuse clients or the hours with high congestion. There are many positive points, besides being able to organize the time at your convenience.