Working With A Sense Of Urgency

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Working with some sense of urgency is very important. Life is shorter than we might imagine, the years keep going by fast. If you snooze, you lose; you can't afford to be using up too much time in getting a simple task done. If you get used to doing things that way, becoming successful may become really difficult for you.

You have to act as though there's an urgency, if you act sluggishly, you'll be spending lots of your valuable time doing little tasks. And you may not see the full picture now, but you're actually invariably wasting your life. It's very hard to see a person with lots of passion for what they're into, not doing things with some sense of urgency.

Working with passion is the bedrock for success. You have to be so passionate about your business, that some people may confuse your passion for obsession. That's how great achievements are made. Not doing things in a very slow way, that kills your own spirit to complete the task.

Image source - Pixabay

There's a very popular law that talks about the importance of having urgency in what you do, and it's called Parkinson's law of time. And it states that, work will tend to expand to fill up the time allocated for it's completion. And in many cases, we see this law proven true in reality. If you set a far deadline for a task, you tend to get sloppy until you start to feel threatened by the deadline. It's just human nature.

If you say to yourself, that you'll like to complete a task within say 1 hour, you'll notice the speed you'll be functioning at, that sense of urgency will take over. And you'll tend to get the job done within the allocated time. If you also decide to say that you'll like to complete that same task in one day, you may find yourself joking around for the next 15-16 hours, until you start to feel the deadline approaching, that's when you get the job done.

Most times, this state of lack of urgency may even be difficult to break out from, and you may find that after having so much time to do the task, you may end up not even doing it at all. But there's also something quite important to take note of; just because you want to get a job done urgently, doesn't mean that you should set unrealistic time for doing the job. So you have to allocate a reasonable time, that should be okay for getting the job done.

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Certainly we must take advantage of the time to be as productive as possible and meet the goals and objectives set, however I believe that life should not be lived as an urgency, we must value every minute and enjoy it. Thanks for sharing, greetings!

there are jobs that require time and if you give it too much haste you can make mistakes in Venezuela there is a saying that goes: from haste only fatigue remains.

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