The Fed also borrowed the #BTC brand for PR

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Hello! I have missed too much information over the past 1 week. There are also many ideas to write something, but the truth is I am still busy taking care of the garden and my pets. I hope to post what's going on soon.

Today, I bring you some little fun with Crypto 😇😇😇
2021 is a year that sees crypto enter a new era, the whole country recognizes #BTC, the US Congress discusses crypto, and now even the Fed borrows the #BTC brand for PR. “Have you heard of #Bitcoin, or Dogecoin - But have you heard of Fedcoin?”😂
You can read more about this interesting thing. 😂

And what you've been waiting for most of all, perhaps this acknowledgment. SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce said: "We should have approved a #Bitcoin ETF a long time ago." , "With each passing day, the excuse we used in the past for disapproval seemed to be getting weaker and weaker."

“I thought that if we had applied our standards as we have applied them to other products, we would already have approved one or more of them,” she said. “With each passing day, the rationale that we have used in the past for not approving seems to grow weaker.”

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And the last news I want to give you in this short article: Cardano ADA has been added to the Grayscale crypto mixed fund portfolio. Grayscale still doesn't have its own ADA investment fund but this is also good news for ADA HODLERS. See more

Did you realize that in the past June, only 30 days have been FUD up to 25 times? 😁😁😁


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