Do you still believe in bank investment part 2

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Hello everyone, i will be making continuation and conclusion on the above topic which is the second part. If you haven't gone through the first part kindly do that.

Equity based financial instrument :- shares, stocks and the likes falls under this aspect. This investment also enables the banks to raise more capital. Some part of the bank ownership falls to the shareholders.

Special Consideration :- this financial instrument doesn't make use of securities like others do but the are done in form of exchange.

Investing in banks has some benefits which includes :



Insured nature of bank deposit :- in the case of winding up, liquidation of a bank or inability to meet there financial obligations, the investment made by customers inform of deposit are secured and will be paid back to them since all banks ate insured by NDIC known as National Deposit Insurance Commission. And likewise,the value of shares purchased by shareholders are refundable to them, hence, investment in banking sector is secure and dependable.

Future funds are predictable :- in bank investment, the amount of return on Investment can be predicted of determined because they pay a fixed interest which are not affected by market fluctuations.

Physical nature of banks:- unlike investing in cryptos in which they are control or management via online platforms, even tho banks investment are also controlled online but banks can be visited where the needs arise in case a customer needs a clarification or enlightenment on a particular aspect.

Believing in bank investment goes a long way in having trust into how investment made into the bank are managed by the banks employees, how reliable the bank is, how steady the return on Investment is and also the rate of return. Bank investment has been existing for some decades in which different people has different or preferable way of investing into the banking sector. Some sees investing into bank has a loss while others sees it as a gain. However, investing in bank should be seen as a gain because it is reliable and you can easily see the movement of your investment i.e what the return will yields at short and long run. It should also be noted that some agency like the government most importantly also carry out investment through the use of the banking industry especially the issue of the treasury bill which is used by the government. Treasury bill is the most common type of investment in which is believed and known to most Nigerian because of it maturity date which is short in nature i.e nine months. In addition, some industry also make use of banks to get more capital in other to boost there capacity either through making banks a medium where there shares will be bought and sold or approach the bank to lend. When investment is to be made in bank, it must be ensured that it is a bank licensed to operate as a financial institution.

 Personally, I believe in bank investment because it is clear, easily understandable and Reliable because of it fixed interest rate.

Thanks for reading!!!


In recent times banks have changed their interest rates and provide better customer service, for example in my country is something that has stopped but is beginning to revive gradually after the hyperinflationary crisis that we live in years, each country has its different banking strategies but the end is the same.

Greetings @grace-p,

I do belive in bank investments but not much,

as far as this covid pandemic is concern banks have reduced interest rates by almost 50% in many banks even in government banks,

Keeping in mind the safety of our investment in bank is a good option with less interest,

But if you want more interest or profit you can choose other options in which risks are there,

  • Share market,
  • crypto
  • Some mutual funds

I hope you would agree,
what is the average interest in your country

Sir @crypto.piotr, in Malaysia, what is the average interest rate in banks.

Thank you for sharing : )

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