Myths about being an entrepreneur.

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In my last post, I talked about the three in one business owner, and today I will be talking a little more on this. Quitting my job is what most speakers and business mogul say. They tell you how they quitted their job and how it is paying off well now, they tell you how they enjoy every bit of their holidays and how they are making money because they are generating value making you who is an employee feel really used by your employer. Interestingly, you are told that if you want to be free you have to quit your job, well they did quitted their jobs but they forgot to tell you that they signed up for a greater workload and cause. They do not also remind you that if everyone left their jobs, who will be giving the underground values that no one is seeing while they enjoy the spoils of it.


Let me tell you one truth and that is “the day you quit your job to become an entrepreneur because you want freedom, that they you lose freedom”. You will be made to work for a very long time and do extra hours to keep your business growing. Freedom is one thing that you will not be having in a very long time when you become an entrepreneur (Fact). When you leave your job, you are guaranteed to stop working for 8 hours a day Monday to Fridays to working 100 hours a week. You would work continuously and tirelessly because this time you do not want your business to fail, you do not want to be the reason why your employees will become unemployed, you do not want to lose money and so on. There is a possibility that you will be working for 5 years non-stop without freedom on a minimal.

Another thing they make you feel is that you will be making money for yourself when you start a business. Now this is the truth, you are not making money for yourself, rather you are making money for your business and your business is not you. You are not also going to be getting free money at any time. So, think well before getting into business.

If you are going to be an entrepreneur, you should be one because you want to make your dreams, you want to solve problems. You do not have to start a business because you want to earn millions of dollars.


Hi @gbenga
These harsh realities you raise are very compelling.
Many people believe that having a business is that simple, it involves, as you say, a lot of sacrifices, even years of work in order to achieve stability.

There are those who would disagree, but that is the reality.

Hello friend, great post.

Very good explanation of the subject, the entrepreneur must work hard.

Entrepreneurship isn't what it is always painted to be and i hope a lot of young Entrepreneur will understand this. Thanks for stopping by.

Indeed @gbenga ,
The path to entrepreneurship is far from being a long quiet river but rather a path strewn with pitfalls !

the pitfalls are more compare to successes but the successes tend to be what a lot of us turn an open eye to. Becoming an entrepreneur is equal to accepting the challenge to fail woefully.

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

realities very forceful depend on building positively a future and strive.

Fact that you have just stated. I am glad you just did my friend.

Excellent post and well explained.

thanks a lot for the time spent on my post, i really appreciate.

Greetings. friend, a good entrepreneur does not seek to be a millionaire in 2 days you have to know how to manage a business in the best way, example if a customer has a mistreatment is never going to return to your business, have a good effort to keep up, you have to know how to work to win, being a successful entrepreneur is much more than having a good idea, it requires a commitment. greetings. Thank you for such good material to share

Hello, @gbenga .
Whoever decides to start on the path of entrepreneurship must be aware that it will not be easy, must have determination, perseverance, effort, sacrifice and know that the objectives will not be achieved overnight. But that at the end of the road he will be able to harvest the fruits of his work.

You're right about almost everything, obviously owning your business means more responsibility and more time invested, but the reality is that it gives you satisfaction and you don't have to deal with bad bosses or be accountable to anyone. I think it depends on your vision, plus you can start a business from the comfort of your home, which you can't do as a regular employee. It all depends on the vision and what we want in life.

"Let me tell you one truth and that is “the day you quit your job to become an entrepreneur because you want freedom, that they you lose freedom”. You will be made to work for a very long time and do extra hours to keep your business growing."

Many people have quitted their job in an attempt to start their own business and feel the freedom but many of them later regret it. That man A quit his job and become successful and attain freedom doesn't mean man B Should do the same thing. But I think many are missing this mentality

Sometimes I use to feel I am doing something wrong after I try to apply what those motivational speakers talked about and it still is not working for me but I now understand that they omit the part of how much they struggle and how many sleepless nights and efforts they put in place to get to the point they are.

@gbenga to become an enterpreneur is not a cup of everyone tea. We need to be having proper skills and mindset to become a good and successful entrepreneur.

You are right, it is a cup for some people those who can't q

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