Pay close attention to habits that are brain damaging.

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Most people have cultivated certain habits that causes a serious brain damage to them all the time and the extremely bad part of this damage is that it sometimes does not have a temporal effect but it eventually causes a long lasting bad effect on the brain.

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Constant absence of sleep.

We see so many you tube video content creators asking people to stay awake at all times if they ever want to make money, sleeping too much is really bad but not getting sufficient sleep also has an adverse effect on the brain, it could lead to some very bad illness.

Covering the head during sleep.

I use to love covering my head whenever I was sleeping until I saw one of my room ate suffocate and almost lost her life as a result of this, seeing this taught me a lesson never to try such any more. Covering the head during sleep actually means that we are breathing in and out the same hair, it could result in suffocation like what happened to my friend or even some brain affecting diseases also.

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Excessive stress.

Stress is almost common for a larger percentage of people in this age, but it is very bad and it has a bad effect on the body, stress can result in some very serious health problems as well as brain issues. Stress is extremely bad both for the body and for the brain.

The absence of fluid in the body,

Drinking water is what some people consider as being unnecessary, but hydration works with brain functionality and the absence of a hydrated body has a lasting impact on the brain. It is very important for us to take more water every time and keep the body and brain functioning properly.

Inability to learn.

Do you know that some people feel there is no need for them to learn anything new? Learning has a serious advantage to the brain because it helps it gets really busy and with managing the brain well by constantly feeding it with good knowledge, forgetting things very fast occurs as a result of our ability to keep the brain busy with new information when the brain is practically and efficiently used, the loss of memory is actually reduced.

Relating with new people and getting more exposed with the type of people that we move with, will help the knowledge of the brain get increased and the brain get really active.


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Oh well, too much sleeping is not good but also having normal sleep most of the week is way better than just having very short ones all the time....And for the people that think that have what they need from the knowledge and no need for them to learn anything new is annoying, I mean how did they come up with that conclusion lol.

It's very funny that there are people who live with a mindset like that, they believe that they know it all.

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