Friendship and financial growth.

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Having good friends is very important, the association with which we place ourselves will determine how far we will be able to get to in life. When we choose to move with people who are concerned about making progress in life it becomes easy for us to make progress as well because the basis of our discussion will be centred on how we can grow and make good financial steps.

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There is a serious pressure coming from the society on the way we need to live our lives, we are pressured to live in a manner that fits into the perfect description of the public with intimidating pictures and news all over social media, there comes a pressure to live in a certain standard that befits societal settings but we are even more impacted by our direct association more than the ones far away.

The direct association that we have will help us boost a better level of confidence against just trying to fit into pressure from the external world but that is if we are surrounded with good friends but if we are not surrounded with good friends, they will even be the ones to give us the reason why we need to be entertained and move along with the flow and pressure of the media. When we are closely related with people, we are bound to interact more often and share knowledge. It is important to select your friends carefully because they will only share with you the knowledge that they have, if all they have in their head is how to spend and get carried away with fun then be sure that is the only thing you people will ever get to talk about but if you are close to people whose minds are filled with making progress and always sourcing for opportunities then the basis of your discussion will be centred around it.

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Building a good relationship with smart, intelligent and goal oriented friends will push you to go for more and will expose your minds to the certainty of living a better life. Howbeit, you do not expect to have financially impactful friends when you cannot attract one for yourself, you need to be able to give in something in return if you must attract these types of friends. You cannot be so dull and know nothing about finance and investment and then you want to be attracted to a smart and smart move maker, these people also want to be with someone who will be able to impact their lives in a positive way, the more smart you are the smarter the group of friends you are going to attract.


That's why we must really be careful when selecting our friends because they can go a long way in deciding the rapid rate we grow

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