Factors that Prevent you from Getting Wealthy.

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Think about the fact that if it was possible for good things to come very easy then everyone will get it on a platter of gold but good things takes time and it is very difficult for good things to happen to people that is the reason why anyone who is willing to achieve tremendous wealth and success, must be willing to go through the required sacrifice to get it achieved.

Common habits that stop us from getting rich are very easy to cultivate, these habits will drag us backwards on our journey to getting the level of wealth that we want to get and the better we realize the things holding us back, the better the journey to achieving what we want will be for us.

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A negative mindset will delay success from happening, if you always find something negative from every good opportunity then you need to begin with correcting your mindset. A negative mindset will prevent you from trying new things and then make it difficult for you to get better opportunities, on your journey to creating wealth the very first thing you need to work against is to get rid of negative mindsets.

Always blaming other people for the things that you cannot achieve will make you remain a victim to stagnancy, that you are unable to achieve the wealth that you want is completely your fault and no one should be blamed for it, when you stop blaming people for all those happenings then you will be able to begin to make smart decisions on your own.

The desire to always get whatever you want immediately will result in spending everything you earn on luxury and in the process of doing that the attainment of wealth is being delayed. When an individual has a mindset like this, it will be difficult for him to make any sound decision.

Always believing that you can do everything on your own without a mentor is a very bad delay to the achievement of success, whatever field it is that you want to go into there is definitely someone who has walked through that path before and has been able to achieve better success, so get close to that person and get trained to become better at that skill that can make you extra money.

A delay to getting success is being scared to fail and in the process it means the person is scared to take any risk at all, successful wealthy people are risk takers so if you find it difficult to take risk, it might also be very difficult to attain a good height of success.


Very well said. Most times negative mindset always prevent us to achieve success and even hey more wealthy but we underate it

hello @futurekr,
there are many factors that determine a person's chances of becoming wealthy, the society they were born into, the level of access to information and capital, among many other factors, determine how difficult the journey to wealth will be, while having a successful mindset helps, external conditions play a fundamental role in everyone's life when it comes to money and opportunity.

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