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Cryptocurrencies have become a very attractive investment option in recent years, for many people around the world who are looking for good dividends for their investment; As time passes and Blockchain is better known, this technology is consolidated as the economic system of the future.


Some of the disadvantages that have perhaps prevented it from being consolidated as the most attractive option to invest are: fluctuation in prices or instability, the complexity of accessing this technology for many people, in addition to the high commissions for each transaction that is made. some crypto projects charge.

invest in Steem!

In all my years of experience with blockchain (there are not many) I have hardly observed any project that makes you feel secure in your investment, that is simple, easy to handle and that allows you to grow steadily, slowly but surely like Steem, with all your applications including Steemit.

Without trying to demerit any cryptographic projects including BTC, in my opinion cryptocurrencies are in a cooling stage and the boom that occurred a couple of years ago we do not know if it will repeat itself, this situation forces us to try to choose a stable project Where to place our investment, for me that stable and safe project is called STEEM.


In the time elapsed in this Blockchain I could observe some advantages that in my opinion Steem has compared to other cryptocurrencies and these are some of them:

First of all, the way to mine Steem, through Steemit, Steempeack, Splinterland and other applications that allow you to access this cryptocurrency.

Second is the initial investment, with little or nothing you can start generating profits by publishing and commenting on Steemit, other applications such as SteemMonsters must make a small investment to access the initial letter package.

Thirdly, we can mention that transactions in this chain are totally free, and there is no minimum number of currencies established to move from your account, you can move from 0.001steem to 1000 steem if you wish.

Another advantage has to do with the passive income through the Steem stored in your wallet in the form of Steem Power, which guarantees you passive income as a curation reward, the more steem Power you have in your wallet, the greater the curation reward you will receive.



Time to invest in Steem.

At this time cryptocurrencies seem to be experiencing a correction which has decreased their price, if you still do not have an account in Steem you can create one, and if you are one of the regular users it is time to go from being a reward seeker to an investor on the platform , grow your Steem Power with a small investment and guarantee juicier rewards for the future, as well as a higher level of influence.

Most of the cryptocurrency projects including DEFI the sensation of the moment, seem to be projects designed for an elite, for people who have the ability to move large amounts of coins in a single transaction, Steem unlike the rest is a project accessible to many That is why we see people from all countries and all social strata arriving here due to the inclusive nature of this cryptographic project.

Although I am not a financial advisor, this is some advice you should take!

Let me know your opinion!

We are Project HOPE a community that brings hope!


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Hello friend, steemit is a good option and I believe that its stability allows us to be more secure, but there are also other projects that can help us obtain other income, it is good to diversify the profits and not depend only on one.

Hello friend @franyeligonzalez, thank you for your comment.

I agree with you when you talk about diversifying investment, but if I have to invest in other projects my highest investment percentage would be here.

That's just my way of thinking.

Greetings @fucho80, the points you mention about the platform are very good, creating content and receiving an economic remuneration is certainly excellent. The cryptos is gaining ground every day in the economic sectors.

See you later my friend 🤝

Hello friend @amestyj, thank you for your comment.

Cryptocurrencies are undoubtedly a good product to invest in, Steem is the best place if you want to get started in this world, here people find a lot of information in addition to the opportunity to invest in this currency.


Steem offers a lot of security indeed, the future indeed holds a lot of promising future for users so we hope for the best.

I believe in the future of this platform, I believe in the future of Steem, that's why I encourage people to join and invest in this coin.

good article, for me personally steem is one of the best both to develop and invest and one of the things that attracts more attention is its stability.

Hello friend, thanks for being here.

Right, this platform has been stable for a long time, but if we start to create an investment culture we will surely generate pressure that will positively influence the price.


well, steem may still have some good days in the near future, we keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

I am optimistic about the future of Steem, with the joint effort of all the members of this community I am sure good days will come for this platform and its currency.

Thanks friend!

Crypto currency is a great place to invest right now but we must not neglect the fact that some crypto projects are a big scam, steem has proven to be trusted over time also.

Hello friend, thank you for your comment.

Steem is a reliable project, it only remains for the Steem community to join in the promotion and development of projects that help greater adoption and investment in the currency.

Developing user confidence in any blockchain project is what actually makes any blockchain project grow exponentially, and steemit is a leading blockchain project that has been a means of generating passive income for lots of users globally, it allows users to take advantage of the community by exploring the blockchain technology by sourcing information on financial investment and diversification, investing on steem is what every crypto users will love to do. thanks for sharing such vital information @fucho89

Hello friend, thanks for sharing your opinion.

It is what we are looking for, that people are interested in investing in steem, and more users come to steemit, that will undoubtedly raise confidence in the platform and can have a positive impact on the price.

Greetings dear @fucho80. Very good points you mentioned about the platform, creating content and receiving an economic remuneration is certainly a great way to start in the cryptography world, since the initial investment is only creativity and time.

Hello friend thanks for commenting.

The initial investment in this platform is time and creativity, you are right, but I think we must strive to try to invest to grow much more.

Greetings friend @fucho80, a great content that you share with us on this occasion, it is true that the crypto currencies over time have become an investment option for many people in the world and I also think it will be the economic system of the future, it is important to highlight what it expresses:

Some of the disadvantages that have perhaps prevented it from consolidating as the most attractive option for investment are: price fluctuation or instability, the complexity of accessing this technology for many people, in addition to the high commissions for each transaction that is made.

Very important points for those who begin to invest, important aspects to emphasize on the advantages that offers us Steem, like I believe that it is ideal moment as much to save as to invest in steem, extraordinary its appreciations since it allows us to have a better vision of this type of market in special the one of the steem. Successes friend.

Hello friend @fucho80
I would like to have a lot of money to be able to invest seriously in steem, I mean to invest money, because I invest time, but it is not my reality to have enough capital for it, however, little by little something can be done.
It is a reality, the boom of defi, this first is not so easy to understand, besides, you will not be able to enter with a small investment of 10 dollars, which perhaps you do not even reach for the payment of commission LOL.
But it is good that these things happen, because they allow cryptocurrencies to be more and more known.

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