Artificial intelligent built Gadgets Changing Human Lives

Artificial intelligence is becoming part of our lives and gradually making activities become easier to complete. Gone was the days when humans were needed to do everything but with AI, a lot of people are going to be less needed for a lot of actions. Before I continue, what is Artificial intelligence?

I just used my Google assistant to ask for the definition of Artificial intelligence, and this was the result I got.

In computer science, artificial intelligence, sometimes called machine learning is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by human and animals – Wikipedia.

Artificial Intelligence was coined by John McCarthy and since then this intelligence have grown in computers thereby making computers smart and be able to learn from things around them. Artificial intelligence have become part of our daily lives and I will be sharing a few things that now work with AI.



This is artificial intelligence changing cameras and the need for people holding cameras around. With the AI built camera, sensors and tires to move around, the camera can identify humans and give a very impressive shot even without the help of a person behind the camera.



Belle is an AI home assistant which answers the doorbell, replying people at the door and telling them what to do. The AI home assistance can open the door for a person with prior appointment. Amazing thing about the assistant is that it uses its machine learning algorithm to identify faces and welcome them by the name they are known in their next visit. It is connected to the phone so people inside the house can know what’s happening around the house. Having a camera built with night vision, it can identify objects and intruders. Also it uses the camera to capture moments in the house thereby keeping records of events.



An assistant which interacts with its user giving them an entirely new experience with life. It gives updates on social media, as well as personal experiences. The device can identify new people and recall their faces when next they appear. The device can help with school assignments thereby helping children learn at home. The device can connect to other devices like phone television and other gadgets.



Adore is an artificial intelligent is like a personal trainer and doctor which helps to check the body weight, temperature, what to take into the body and what not. Adore is a smart body composition scale which is actually supposed to measure mass but with AI, it is doing more than just measuring.

Artificial intelligence is going to shape the way humans live in the nearest future, although there are a lot of fear about AI becoming so intelligent that they are able to read thoughts but before then, lets enjoy AI


Hello, I did not know about these advances, there are so many things, but I think it's great, especially the one that can open the doors to receive someone, it's crazy, it seems unbelievable that this kind of devices can replace human activities, but as I said and thought the technology is excellent and does not help to minimize certain activities, it does not make life easier, but at the same time it displaces human work, which I think is not so good. Many people need to work and it is absurd that a robot can displace you!

I agree with you, it is very weird that so many scientists are coming up with innovations in order to keep their names on the landmark of tine and they forget that humans also need to work.

Artificial Intelligence is really getting more advanced with each passing day. I like the Obsbot Turtle that you mentioned here. It'll change the face of photography.

Thanks for sharing buddy

Yes, event will be covered fully and properly too without any human defect.

Well most of these gadgets make life easier for us Although I must say that I am afraid of the magnetic emissions or radiation that is gadgets can cause our bodies. However, every time I see that we get closer to the model of the jetsons (the animated series )where we live in the world of the future.

I think the magnetic emission is something we should be bothered about but scientist seem to know what they are doing, and I just hope we are safe.

This belle reminds me so much about a certain door bell we use to have in our house as a kid but belle is more advanced though, the door bell only notifies us about the person outside while we communicate with the person with a telephone inside the house.

I remember that door bell too, it was very funny because my siblings and I played around it so much back then but with belle, guests can be received on behalf of the house owner and intruders detected.