They try to "Hit" Bitcoin but Why?

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Before i start, these days here in Greece we have Easter and during that time we tend to be with family and friends and eating.... a lot... That's why i haven't replied to some of your comments yet or haven't been that active. Most likely today or tomorrow i will have replied to all of your comments and then go and eat again because that's what heroes do!

Even though the vast majority of cryptos are pumping hard, eth is near 3k and even the shitty Doge coins keep on pumping, BTC doesn't follow the same path. Many are wondering what the hell is happening and among them, i was too.

So i did a little bit of digging and even though i don't have something 100% certain to tell you, i will only express my opinion. So apparently btc had taken a hit from what Biden said about the extra taxation as well as what happened in Turkey.

To add to that Turkey added some crypto firms to a list of companies that considered doing money laundering. @cryptictruth wrote about this so you can read everything here. At the same time across the globe, we see many "influencers", as well as big firms, talking about crypto and btc.

To be more precise they are saying that after watching the price rally of most altcoins they believe that this will lead in the future to the downfall of bitcoin or simply to a big decrease in its price.

It's not only that, some also say that btc has no real value because you can use it to do stuff like eth or dot for example. Because of that, they speculate in a decrease in its price. Ahhh and most of those things are coming from Wall Street guys and firms, keep that in mind.

Now let me tell you what i believe and i'll say it one more time, this is just my personal opinion. First of all, btc has an actual value as it is the n1 crypto that can be used for payments and such.

You can buy stuff, pay for your vacation, heck even buy a TESLA. Not only that it is also a "means" of storing wealth, way better than a bank and we that are involved even a bit with cryptos know that.

Also, my speculation is that know that btc caught the attention of Wall Street they want to play and earn some billions along the way. Note that those guys aren't first-timers and they know how to play the markets way better than us.

So my speculation is the following. They want through different ways like social media, influencers, articles to make the public scared of btc and therefore to sell their portions. That will lead to a decrease in price on the markets along with an additional decrease they will "make" through pump and dump tactics.

Then they will buy btc very cheap, btc's price will rise to new heights and there you have it. These guys will become richer and most of us ordinary people will swear at them and their trickery.

I don't want to remind it to you each time but btc isn't something that i or you hold. Cartels, banks, big corporations, rich people and even governments hold. In other words, btc isn't something that will easily "fail" or won't have a future.

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