Short or long term Crypto-Profits?

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Is this question something that's hard to be answered or not, i am wondering. I have given it a bit of thought and then added some personal experiences awls well.

So to begin with the vast majority that are active in the crypto world are chasing profits. It's not that much about the tech or the freedom it's about the money aspect.

When i say money aspect it's not one thing but an entire set of things. To begin with, it's how fast you can earn money and it's proven that you can make thousands in days. Then we got the different ways that you can achieve this. For example, by simply investing in a token or by playing a game, or by selling an nft.

Now that we clear that let's visit again our main question. If you ask me, i am more of a long-term holder and therefore long-term profits it's my thing.

Not that i'll pass of my cryptos pump 1000 in a day. The reason why i am a long term holder and expect long term profits is because of the projects that I invest

When i invest in something i wanna check and somehow ensure, at least in my mind that this project has a bright future ahead, an actual reason to exist and a hardworking team. Thus, i expect progress and a pump of the price in the future!

Now, most of the people don't think like that and that's the truth. If we exclude people of this community and check our families and friends they all think alike. They just wanna get in fast, enjoy 1000% pumps and become millionaires. If not with the first pump they gonna sell and with the first dump they will do the exact same.

Thus, they are in for quick profits because they don't actually believe or care about cryptos, only for money. Some of them also think cryptos are something scammy so that explains the short-term logic.

The only thing i want to add is that even though i am in for long-term, that doesn't mean that i don't have an exit plan. We either have invested money or time or maybe both. We need to enjoy the profits sometime so i strongly suggest everyone to have an exit plan!

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I normally prefer long term hold to short term in the crypto investment, I feel long term hold is more profitable to short term hold

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