Losing Weight While Saving Money

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You may wonder why the heck this cool guy is writing a post about weight loss on a finance-related Dapp. The answer is simple as Weight-loss or to be precise my weight loss aside my health is tied with money as well.

In Greece we are on our second quarantine which i bet will end during summer. During the first quarantine, i managed to exercise a lot and have a nice body. When the second quarantine started i didn't pay a lot of attention to my weight and as a result, i became fat :P

In fact, i am not 10kg more of what i was while i lost a significant portion of my muscle and i also gained fat as you can imagine. The main reason for that transformation was fast-food and oh boy i ate a lot of it.

For a couple of hours now i tried to see what my expenses per month on junk food were and thus i can determine how much money i will save as well. The only good thing is that i tasted a lot of junk food so i also have a list of the top restaurants and street-food corners.

Let's talk numbers. In a month i spent around 40 euro on crepes alone and close to 100 on junk food. That is something that is going on for 4 months so in total i have spent close to 400 euros on junk food.

When i realized how much money i wasted per month, i thought about what i could buy with those 400 euros. First of all 400 euros are basically a month's salary for a part-time job.

I could literally buy 400+ Leo and depending on the period 400 to 4000 Hive. I could also buy equipment for my work-out which i hope that i am gonna start tomorrow.

Due to the lockdown, the gyms are closed. I am lucky that i have some equipment at home, like a dumbbell and a barbell which would cost over 150 euro because i have a couple of weights as well.

Final Words

As you can see if we write down some of our expenses we will realize that we may waste our money on unnecessary things. For example, some of my friends that drink or smoke have realized that they pay so much money and managed to balance it somehow.

I suggest that you do the same and i bet that some of you when you see the actual number on some of your expenses you will start to thinking differently. Especially, you that are part of this community may end up cutting those expenses down or changing some of your ways for the sake of your crypto assets.

What i mean is that you may come to realize that you waste some money, money that you could have invested in cryptos. That was something along with the extra weights that i have that made me rethink and led me to take some action starting tomorrow!

Heck if you want to step it up you could not only save money but earn as well. How? Simply by showing your progress here with your posts or by sharing healthy recipes! How cool is that?

Share your Thoughts if you have any relevant experiences

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Hi @filotasriza3 very sobering your post, cleverly done to be able to graph the excessive and useless spending, another thing we owe to confinement, thanks very good post.

Very interesting story, that's why I find it hard to just spend without first thinking of the financial repercussions.

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