Greed will always be a part of Humanity

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I don't think i say something new here but i also think that i should keep mentioning it just in case somebody will read it and change his/her mindset. I will relate this with crypto and i won't talk generically about greed!

Firstly, i will begin by saying my personal story of how i got greedy with some of my cryptos and later on i will tell you some stories of my friends that happened during these months and led me to write this post.

So there was one time i had a tiny fraction of btc. Because i got greedy and saw btc pumping a bit i decided to sell it. It wasn't because i needed the money or something, i simply cashed out in order to go on vacations. Thus, i cashed out around 400 euro of btc and poor me that 400 euro are now worth around 3000$.

I don't know about you but i called that greed. I got greedy because that time btc was dumping a lot and when i saw one "glimpse of home" in my eyes i cashed out thinking i have some nice profits!

The same happened once again with my ADA a couple of months ago. I bought ADA at 35 cents i think, i bought around 300 of them which were worth around 105$. I sold all of them at 1.5$ and made 345$ in profits. The greedy thing is that i sold purely for profits even though i strongly believed in the project and thus i "lost" around 400$ more.

Now let's start talking about my friends and how they got greedy. You know the old story, they asked me about cryptos even though they made fun of them a couple of years ago. They invested in everything i recommended and i also made a long conversation with them about greed.

I talked over an hour about that phenomenon and i also stated many greedy true stories either mine or by other members of our Hive community. They seemed to understand but little did i know, greed won over my words.

Literally, all of them sold everything at about 10%-30% profit. It's great that they had profits but if they waited a bit more (1-2 weeks) as i told them they would have profits of 50%-150%!

Now the most up-to-date greed story i have is from a guy in the army a couple of weeks ago. He said he likes crypto and stuff and asked me what should he invest. I told him to buy AVA and wait a bit cause in my eyes it was certain that AVA's price will pump.

He bought it for 1.77$. I also told him to simply keep it and don't sell until i said so, that was the agreement we had in order to tell him what to buy. 1-2 weeks later AVA's price reached 3.28$ and i was so happy for him because he almost doubled his money.

When i saw him the next day i told him "how does it feel that you doubled your money?" and he replied, " it would have been awesome if i hadn't sold everything". Somehow i felt betrayed and frustrated. Apparently, he sold at 2$ and in my eyes that means that he was both greedy and not trusting me...

That day i said to myself to never let greed overcome me and to never recommend any crypto to anyone other than here when writing my posts. one thing i hate is for people not listening to me when i am talking seriously.

What Do You Think? Do you have any similar stories to share?

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