Beware of Crypto Scams

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It comes as no surprise that scammers are a part of our society and each day they try to find new and smart ways to take our money. With the rise of cryptos, many scammers saw an opportunity to fill their bags and some of them even achieved this.

Most of you that are reading this most likely either know exactly what i am talking about and never fell victim to these people or you actually lose some money from a scammer.

There are many different types of crypto-related scams like imposter websites that have only one or two pages which are obviously fake. This kind of scam tries to resemble original, valid startup companies and ofc leads you to deposit some cryptos, promising more.

You can identify if that site is a scam by checking If there is a small lock icon indicating security near the URL bar or it has no "https" in the site address. Then we got scamming emails or text messages via telegram or discord.

Moreover, we shouldn't forget the fake accounts of celebrities and other influencers that exist on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. We need to identify which account is the actual one and make research before every tweet ;)

Now the main reason i decided to make a post about scams is to try to raise awareness because i keep on watching people lose their money. Today, a friend of mine that i helped with some investments sent a video to a group chat we have with 2-3 other friends who i also helped.

That video had Vitalik and stuff and basically, it was supposed to be an eth giveaway in which you first had to deposit 0.5 eth and they would double it and ofc they would double any amount you would send.


At first, i thought the guy was joking but after a while, he proposed to everyone to gather their eth together and double their amount that way. In other words, not only he hasn't realized that this is an actual scam he also tried to lead everyone else with him and lose their money together.

Thankfully, i managed to stop them before they take any action but come on guys. We are supposed to be talking about a giveaway. In which giveaway did you pay beforehand? and why the hell would someone double any amount of eth you have?

DO you have any similar stories to share?

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Hello @filotasriza3!
In this medium there will be many people looking for different ways to get easy money, we must be very careful not to participate in what we do not know and not fall so easily believing that we can make money quickly. Greetings!

exactly! we need to make our own research first

Hello @filotasriza3
Scams are constant, everywhere, especially in the environment that has to do with online jobs, as it becomes easier for those who have that habit in view of the fact that they never give their face, no one knows where they live. For this reason, it is better to take care of it, and not to be waiting for them to give you free stuff.

exactly as you say!!

People who easily fall into crypto scam and other types of scam are people who love free Money let us all try and work for our coin and stop looking for free airdrops

true and we also need to make our own research first

Crypto scam are increasing day by day , many big exchange and plateform got hacked. Then individual is like tinny particle for the hacker.

Recently we have seen $601 million just got hacked from the polygon chain but the hacker return it as he want to teach a lesson to the chain.

Some are good some are bad. But the ratio of bad is very more so we need to keep our wallet save and always use 2fa in our account.

what we can do is to use 2fa as you say and other security measures as well as make our own research before joining an exchange or investing

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