Beware: Doge Clones are everywhere

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Apparently, Doge never reached to 1$ as many people thought so. In fact, they thought it will reach that much yesterday or the day before but never realized what exactly a pump like this means in terms of dollars.

After the Shilling of Elon and the constant pumping on Doge, some people thought that it will be a good way to scam others by creating clones of Doge. The other scenario is that they created these clones because it's easier to promote them thanks to all the publicity doge took.

A prime example of that is a token named SHIBA INU or SHIB. This is currently the top Doge clone which yesterday reached a new all-time high of 0.00000417. The funny thing is that today the price of the token reached a low of 0.00000147!

Now, most of these tokens are on uniswap and in fact, they are top tokens in terms of trading. You can check them here or below


As you can see the top one is SHIB, next is AKITA INU or AKITA. Regarding AKITA they say that it's like SHIB but with different tokenomics and inspired by elon and doge.


Next is SNOGE, WOGE, HOGE, SOGE and some of these are supposed to raise funds to get out of jail people from unjust marijuana-related offenses.

We also have HUSKY and the funny thing is that in their site they write exactly the same things as AKITA INU's site. Finally, we have KISHU INU who they claimed to be a brother of doge and are solving the deflationary issue.

Truth to be told i think there are many more of these clones and we also gonna see more of them in the future. Before you invest you need to ake your research and don't buy something just because someone shilled it or because it reminds you of another token!

That is my last post regarding Doge except if it reaches 1$ or dumps to 10 cents and such! Once again beware of these clones and make your research before you invest your money!

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