Ask: Suggest me Nft Projects and Crypto Games

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As the days pass by i keep on realizing the importance that an nft project or a crypto game can have, especially in our pockets. It's no joke that we see one after the other to pop out.

Many significant people of the art world or the gaming industry have delved into the crypto world merging their knowledge and talents with the blockchain.

The result is some awesome projects that have generated thousands or even millions of dollars to the people behind them as well as a huge financial boost to the resellers or gamers.

For example, splinterlands which is a game build on our Hive blockchain as of 16 August 2021 had an audience of 54,3k users and in a monthly period, the transactions totaled 66 million dollars.


Even i started an account yesterday and played my first battles. To tell you the truth all the info made me feel a little dizzy but i still have so many things to learn and cards to obtain.

Imagine that i knew about splinterlands since the beginning and decides that this game isn't for me nor i would ever manage to earn some bucks... Poor me now people have accounts that are valued at around 100k!

Any help and tips about what to do and climb the ranks quickly will be highly appreciated

Axie Infinity is another crypto-related game that i also thought it was a waste of my time. The thought that i would pay around 100$ back then for 3 axies was a joke in my eyes.

Poor me again if only i had just bought these 3 axies and without even playing and simply reselling i would be already with profits...

Don't let me start talking about the nfts. People made millions and there are so many projects nowadays. Some of them are solely for profits and most of them won't survive another's year but there is milk in that cow!

I won't say more because i intent to make a different post about the nft world and some distinct projects.

All i want from you guys is to help me out with suggestions regarding some new upcoming nft projects as well as new and promising crypto-related games!

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 3 years ago 

I am going to comment however I will spend after reading the comments, I do not know many games in fact this to be playing is new to me, but despite that I can say that recently raids on the game Plants VS Undead, but again I say I am playing recent I have only a week, and currently I can not play until the day 20 August.

ahh i have heard about that game. How much do you need to invest to start playing or you can start for free?

Greetings @ filotasriza3, there are other NFT that are emerging and that promenten much future I recommend entering Plants VS Undead in grangero mode that is more accessible in terms of income value.

how much do i need to invest in that game before start playing?

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