Are You Holding or Selling?

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We are clearly on another bull run and to be honest, i believe it just started. Now checking up on Hive's price i can't help but feel excited. It's like the efforts of everyone finally paid off a little bit as i think that's only the beginning.

As you can see in the picture above currently the price of Hive is around 80 cents and even reached 1$. Now i have around 6300 Hive and that means that at best my Hive stake will be worth around 6000$. Not bad given the fact that i haven't invested a single dollar right?

Now, what 6000$ mean for me and what you can do with 6000$ in Greece. Let's begin with what you can do with that amount here. First of all 6000$ equals 5000 euro! The basic salary here in Greece is around 600-650 euro so we are talking about 7-8months worth of salary!

In other words, it's not much but it's a good amount to live for a couple of months. If you pay rent this amount can cover your rent for 1-3 years. If you don't pay rent you can cover your food expenses for 1-2 years as well, maybe more. Heck, you can even buy a car or pay for a master's degree.

Thus, it's a significant amount that can help someone keep up with his life and maybe help him for a couple of years. Ofc in other countries this is an amount that someone can obtain in 1-2 months or over 2 years. What i want to say is that given your country it can be insignificant or life-changing!

Now let's move to the next part which is what that amount means for me and ofc to the bigger question which is Holding or Selling! To tell you the truth 5000 euro is an amount of money that would mean a lot for me and i could live with more ease.

Because i am in the army though, serving my mandatory term i don't plan on selling. Maybe the price will dump hard and i regret it or maybe the price will keep on pumping. Anyways, before i finish with my term which would be in 8 months i don't plan on selling, except ofc if i see a crazy pump like 10$.

My motto in general is to hold any form of investment i believe in and Hive is the crypto i have that i believe the most. There so many things that are happening around Hive that i don't want to sell yet and instead i want to reach 10k of HP!

Not only that i also try to hold my stake on every other Token on the Hive blockchain, such as LEO, STEM, LBI, BRO, SEED, CINE etc etc. I used to follow the "sell" logic but i realized that my profits are nothing compared to what i could earn if waited a bit.

By saying that though, it doesn't mean that i don't have an EXIT plan. That plan is after having crypto that is worth 20k. I am far from it though. There is also an emergency plan which as you can understand means, that if i desperately need money i will cash out everything but that's the last thing i would do!

So are you Holding or Selling and Why?

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