Are you getting scared with this Dump?

in Project HOPE3 years ago


It's really interesting that every time we witness a huge dump or a bear market people are getting crazy without even caring about the history. By history, i mean what has really happened in the past with similar dumps.

Now as usual the people are in panic mode and it's worst than ever if you ask me because too many people have joined the crypto world this year and the reason is influencers like Elon and ofc mass adoption.


Heck even in Greece that most people don't even know what btc is you can that bitcoin is trending on Twitter. I am also in some greek groups and it's really amazing the number of people that are in a panic. The good thing is that in one greek group, the one here in Hive/leo the Greeks are veterans.


As you can see it's chaos out there and people as i and many feared will start blaming cryptos as a scam and such because they are unable to understand some basic things. Things like don't invest money that you can't afford to lose. Yet everybody thinks that they will become millionaires in one night investing from 100$ to 20k.

At the same time, you all listened blindly to Elon Musk and other wannabe crypto influencers and we've come down to this... People make fun of you and you need to realize that.


At the same time though all the big funds and accounts are either holding or buying while most of you keep on selling.


Not only that the gas fees are enormous right now and you know why is that? because most of the people are actually paying more money to cut their losses or at least that's what they think.


Simply put don't be afraid and either hold or buy more, not financial advice though, that's what i am gonna do! If you are the type that is extremely anxious and stressed simply don't check anything related to cryptos for a couple of days.

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