All my investments are worth over $1200

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Yesterday before I slept I went hacking through my calculator to check just how much my investments are worth.

I have a goal of owning $2000 in investments and so far I am less than $800 away from that goal.

Around this time last year, I had just $400 and I was set to make an extra $200 on contract with a Forex trader. I am glad I pulled out of that investment and put most of it in D-city. I made much more flipping cards and it helped me have some money to spare when the time came for my induction ceremony into the medical profession in may.

I also had some money to spare when I eventually moved to this state where I work. I think I spent close to $400 on those two occasions. Leaving me with the money I initially made from my investments and writing.

I was gaining stability in this new location for about a month before I started getting paid by July. I have to admit I had some support from home but it was mostly my D city payout. I also did not have a place to stay or cook so I spent almost $6 on food sometimes.

Surgery rotations were mad draining and the amount you spend on phone calls is usually not accounted for. I finished $2 every 3 days or so. In addition, is the amount I spend on data...back then it use to be $7 every 2 weeks I'd spend.

I am happy to look back at those moments and know that I made it through them even better than I started them. But I still haven't made my year count just yet.

One of my best investments so far has been Splinterlands. I started with $10 for the Summoners spellbook and today my cards are worth $180. That is crazy. Sure I threw in some money into it but it wasn't nearly as much as the amount I am seeing for the cards alone. This is not factoring in the potential money I have from owning DEC and the cards gathering me more SPS.

I have my siblings @belemo and @young-boss-karin to thank for my growth there...without them, I wouldn't have anyone to bug for answers.

I also threw some money at Ape swap and it has thrown it back at me. I will be writing a post about this soon.

I hope you are having a lovely week. I'll have to catch you later.


Hello @ebingo
We always need others more experienced to get some guidance. I know. Good that you were able to have it, to achieve that amount you now have saved, which is a good figure. I hope you continue to grow that investment. Regards.

Thank you! I will do my best to keep making it bigger.

The next space I want to look at is robbin swap.

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